All I want for Xmas....

IS A SYSTEM THAT CAN PLAY ITS OWN FUCKING GAMES!!!! Ok, here's the story, after whizzing through the light side of KOTOR II in a mere 2 and a half days (although it's an amazing game I plan to go through it several more times), I decided to treat myself to Working Designs latest treat, Growlanser Generations for the PS2. Working Designs is responsible for bringing some of my favorite rpgs of all time over here (namely the Lunar series), so I was expecting a great experience. What happened? Blue fucking discs, that's what. Sony is notorious for fairly crappy hardware, but the kicker is that a lot of early games don't play on the older PS2s because they are cd-based (which have a blue/purplish underside) rather than dvd-based. Now what possessed working designs to release their collection on this format when they know it would cause problems for a fairly good percentage of PS2 owners is beyond me, but the real fault lies with Sony. Since I bought mine only a few months after release, it's far past warranty, so Sony won't replace/fix it for free (and don't even get me started on trying to play most dvds on the damn thing). I tried cleaning the discs, the system, and I even took my ps2 apart trying a "gauraunteed to work" trick that was on the G4techtv website, and all that led to was a couple of hours of setting it right just so it would play normal games again. PS2 is the pretty much the only system in history I'm aware of where games made specifically for it have a serious possibility of not working because a company deicided to use a particualr format that's suppossed to work on it's anyways. This pretty much ensures I won't be first in line for a PS3 since it's bound to have some horrible technical issues such as this.

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