Finally Fantasy

Well, it only took 5 years, but finally, Final Fantasy Fans have a truly proper sequel out tomorrow in the highly controversial Final Fantasy XII comes out tomorrow. Not controversial in the traditional sense really, but controversial in that it casts aside a lot of what traditionally defines Final Fantasy. But to be fair the FF series to its credit has never been one to play it safe. Every single game in the series is drastically different from the previous one. The battle system is constantly tweaked, a whole new cast of characters, in a whole new universe. And most of the time, it works out pretty damn well. Early word on this latest chapter is that it's the best one in a long time, so hopefully that holds up, cause I'm going to try and score one at EB Games tonight at midnight.

But much more exciting (for me at any rate), is that the Wii is coming to town tomorrow evening. The Nintendo Fusion tour hits Seattle, and the Wii will be playable. I guess I should probably give these bands I've never really heard of (with the exception of Hawthorne Heights) a chance, but if it's possible, I'll probably spend my whole time testing out the Wii. I'll be sure to post impressions as soon as possible.

That's really all I got for today, so Happy Halloween and here's the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:


Wii Video Day (again)

I'll start today's videos off with a really clever ad some fan made:

Next, the "Wii Experience"-Essentially a wide range of regular people testing out the Wii (with Wii Sports) and really enjoying it:

And finally-Bunnies: Very Useful Scientific Facts, a bunch of very funny vids from Rayman: Raving Rabbids, arguably the biggest launch title aside from Twilight Princess(And I threw an official Rayman trailer in at the end for the hell of it):


The PS3 creates possessed baby demon dolls!

This freaky ad apparently aired during the world series yesterday, and my god is it fucking stupid. What the hell? That's supposed to entice me to get a PS3? I'd be more worried that the Toyman was out to get me. Not to mention unlike the fairly cool ads I posted earlier, it says & shows nothing, which implies that Sony has nothing to show. I sometimes wonder how marketing execs keep their jobs...

Though there is no "full" version of the David Fincher trailer for Gears of War, a fan made one that's pretty damn cool featuring the same song:

Of course for something slightly more wacky: A GEARS OF WAR XMAS!

And I forget to mention last time that I did end up getting Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the PS2. I haven't tried online yet (which I hear suffers from serious lag issues), but the combat is a lot of fun (and deeper than your normal button masher) and the characters as well as the universe are well-represented. I just wish it had a stronger story, as a lot of the characters are available at the start and seemed to have teamed up with no rhyme or reason.

Now for some real news, the first concrete details of Halo 3 have finally emerged. EGM has an issue that should be out shortly with a big 17-page blowout, but some Swedish mag has already released details on several multi-player levels and new weapons, you can check out the impressions, interview with the developers, and some eye-popping pics here. I'm excited about Halo 3 as anybody, but I'll wait to really see it in action before I consider buying a 360.


Sony can do something good

It's time for me to give some credit where credit is due. It turns out that Sony can do some fairly badass marketing when they actually want to, as evidenced by these two ads I have posted below. I do have to say that if I was just some casual gamer who didn't read all the bad shit on the internet about Sony, these would definitely make me interested in getting a PS3:

Of course, in the midst of salivating over the Wii and basically condemning the PS3, I've virtually ignored what the 360 has to counter for this holiday. And part of the reason is they don't really have much. But what they lack for in quantity they may definitely make up in quality, namely Gears of War, the next big shooter. How big is it? Big enough that David Fincher (Fight Club) made a fairly cool (albeit way too short) trailer for it:

Now onto this weekend's "offerings". Easily the biggest movie opening this weekend is Saw 3, which is truly sad. I'll admit the original had some interesting ideas, even though it featured some of the worst acting I have ever been witness to. The second actually made the first look like a best picture nominee. And the third will probably be even worse. I'm all fore new and disgusting ways to brutalize, but this franchise lost its steam as soon as the credits rolled on the original (even though plans for a 4th are already in the works). Now it's strictly a cheap cash cow that stupid teens will probably keep going for years to come.

But not all is gloom this weekend. Catch a Fire is also opening, and it looks like one of those rare political thrillers that doesn't suck. Granted, a movie about the problematic African government is hardly anything new, but Derek Luke & Tim Robbins usually put on a good show. I'll probably check it out this weekend.

And finally there's also Babel, with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, which does seem like a ridiculously overblown political thriller. The circumstances from the previews already seem so far fetched (so, the wife gets sick or shot or something, and then they tell the maid back in America to watch the kids, and she decides to take them to her relatives' wedding in Mexico, and they end up having to flee for the border. Riighhht. It might be in limited release for now as it doesn't seem to be playing anywhere in Seattle, but maybe I'll check it out on DVD if the reviews hold up.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Demonic Touch and Go


A Marvelous Universe

Ah what a glorious universe it is when two highly anticipated releases that threaten to destroy what little social life I have and Jack Thompson may be INCARCERATED! That's right! Take-Two is attempting to have old wacky Jack hauled in for contempt. Granted, a jail term is unrealistic, but if it can shut him up for a long time, props to the developers for finally taking a rel stand. If this doesn't work, Might I suggest a slander & libel suit since every time Jackson has made these outrageous accusations both in writing and interviews they are never proven?

Decisions, Decisions. After beating Disgaea 2, I did end up picking up Tales of The Abyss & Shining Force Neo (I admit it, I can't help myself sometimes, I'm lucky I stopped at just those two). Both are pretty fun in their own ways (Neo is a fun Diablo-style dungeon hack, but it is kind of simplistic yet very punishing, and Abyss features pretty much the same engine from Symphonia & Legendia, but the characters are really well developed and the engine was pretty top notch to begin with. But now, two huge titles are out this week that I wan badly.

First is Marvel Universe, from the same team that brought you The X-Men Legends games. This time you've got a whole variety of characters from Spider-Man to The Hulk. My only worry is that Your A.I. partners were criminally stupid in the X-Men series, so I may at least wait till I hear if the A.I. is a little better here.

And then there's Phantasy Star Universe. The long overdue followup to the epic Phantasy Star Online, which hasn't really had a proper sequel since it came out on the Dreamcast. While the battle system looks roughly the same, but it offers a fully revamped race system and a an offline single-player adventure that's completely seperate from the online experience. The one thing that bothers me is that while Sega has spent plenty of time promoting the sweet-looking online mode, they've been pretty quiet about the offline. I'll probably wait until I can get a consensus before I pick it up.

An update on Sony's controllers-The bad news is that yes, they die eventually, and Sony's still not saying when they might start fizzling out. But they have said if and when they do, that the controllers will be replaced free of charge. That's nice, but do you really want to be without your controller(s) for up to several weeks while you get a replacement? I sure as hell would not, and given Sony's rather shady history with batteries, this may be a common thing.

And Sony may be in a whole new heap of new legal trouble thanks to their "facts" sheet they handed out at their big press day in the Bay Area. Essentially, they claimed several clearly false things like that a 12-month gold subscription is "required" along with the HD-DVD drive & the 20-gig hard drive on the 360 (when while none of that is really required). MS is reportedly looking into legal action because it is most definitely misleading the non-hardcore gaming public who doesn't know any better (and that also may include a lot of dimwitted retail employees who treat Sony's "fact" sheet as a guide when recommending systems to customers).

The ugly side of the Live Marketplace has really started to show and gamers are none too happy about it. One of the few good titles on the PSP, Lumines, was released on Xbox live for a very affordable $15. Sounds great, right? Not when gamers who bought it got what you'd mostly consider a demo version, with only one playable level in the vs. cpu mode and missing promised features like music videos by popular artists playing in the background. MS' solution? To release additional levels & features as packs that they will charge you for in the future. Thanks, Microsoft, for confirming everyone's worst fears that Live marketplace is truly just a way to release unfinished games and force people to keep paying for god only knows how long if they want the "full" version. Kindly go fuck yourself.

And finally, I did see The Prestige over the weekend, and it was an excellent mystery with great performances, proving That Nolan & Bale are no fluke, and Jackman can do more than cheesy big budget films. I highly recommend it.



Wii Video Day

With a little under a month to go till the Wii is out, I've decided every week I'm going to have a "Wii Video Day" where I'll post a bunch of video hype building it up. This won't necessarily be strictly about game clips, but all will revolve around the Wii or it's games in some shape or form.

So I'll start off with a rather brilliant 3-part series on the two-year history of The Wii:

Then a very cool video explaining just how Madden will work on the Wii:

And finally, just a fun creative video someone made about what if the Wii remote wound up in the world of Wind Waker:

I'll be back with a regular post tomorrow, mainly cause I'm very tired and have to be up in about 6 hours for work...


The Magic Man

Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman play two magicians who face off in one of this year's most highly anticipated films, The Prestige. Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale were known for good work prior to Batman Begins, but this is not only the first major film for both since that huge blockbuster, but the first pairing that doesn't have a major license behind it. Early word is really solid, so I expect it to be a very entertaining film and fully intend to check it out this weekend.

Also arguably as big is Clint Eastwood's latest-Flags of Our Fathers. I'm sure it'll bring in all the vets & their friends & families, but I really feel historic wars & especially WWII is, like sports, something that has just been mined way too often to be remotely interesting anymore.

Interested in what MTV's view of 18th century France? If so, you must've had a lobotomy. But then you also might want to check out Marie Antoinette, which if I didn't know better, I'd think it was Merchant Ivory's desperate attempt to reach out to the younger than 85 bracket.

Wanna see how bad an actor Tim Mcgraw is? Might want to check out Flicka, another cliched horse racing movie little girls will love, but everyone else is sure to find painful. A much better choice for the whole family would be the re-release (IN 3D) of Tim Burton's classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. I haven't really seen any showings available in the Seattle area, but that's definitely what I'd prefer to watch over any film out there right now.

Finally in limited release is yet another movie about yet another wonderfully dysfunctional family, Running with Scissors. You know, cause we haven't seen this in American Beauty or Royal Tenenbaums or Little Miss Sunshine or....(this is getting as bad as war & sports movies now).

Woot! Finally Beat Disgaea 2! Total time: 93 FRIGGIN HOURS! Fuck that was long. Let's see, now I just have to get through Okami, Shadow Hearts, Advance Wars, New Super Mario Bros., Superstar Saga, Oblivion (never beat it) and then there's all the games I've been meaning to pick up. My list should be cleared around 2020....

Some disturbing info about Sony's controllers has been uncovered (aside from the fact that it seems cheaply made). It is wireless and runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Sounds fine, right? Except that when the battery dies for good, the controller goes with it. That means no matter how well you handle your controllers for your PS3, you will have to eventually replace them. Now granted, this could be blowing things a bit out of proportion as nobody knows how many charges these batteries have but I'll probably wait til we get firm confirmation on how long they will actually last before I ever consider buying a PS3.

But today was Sony's big day as they had a huge event in the Bay Area to show off the PS3. And some good news did come out of it-Sony claims that 1 million PS3's will be out by the end of the year and 6 million will be out by the end of March. Although I'll believe that figure when I see it, 4.5 million units is a lot to pump out in about 3 months if they even make their goal of 1 million by year's end.

The PS3 launch list was revealed
, and while it certainly isn't heavy on originality or exclusives, it does offer something in just about every genre, which is admirable and rare (course whether most of those games are actually worth something remains to be seen, Resistance is the only pS3 title that seems noteworthy right now). And the fist batch (500,000) of PS3's will come with a free Blu-ray copy of Talladega Nights. Because when I think of the perfect title to show off the power of Blu-ray, it's a lowbrow NASCAR comedy, not some big budget extravaganza with awesome special effects...

So just how dead is Gamecube? Dead enough that if you want Twilight Princess, you may have to import it. Nintendo is reportedly only offering it online through their, and only to Japan at this point. I know the Gamecube is for all intents and purposes dead, but as Nintendo is generally known for fan service, this is a huge slap in the face to those who've bothered to hold onto their Gamecubes this long, pretty much specifically for Zelda. It would've been fitting to end the systems run with it and let it go out with a little dignity rather than just essentially take it out the the shed like Old Yeller.

Onto better news for Wii gamers: Now, it's not unusual these days for controllers to come with games, they do it for unique ones like Guitar Hero all the time. But what about the controller that comes with the system? Because the Wii Remote is going to be packed with a collection of minigames known as Wii Play that are actually contained inside the controller itself. While granted they probably aren't anything to get all crazy about, this does mean anyone who just buys a Wii will have 10 games to play around with. Best value ever?

Finally, looks like the Halo movie has hit some trouble as Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox have backed out of co-financing the film. Hopefully, some other studio will come along and pick it up, but I hope they don't have to cut corners for it to be made or it'll probably be no better than Doom.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Super Mario: Halloween Edition


Wolly Bully

So, before I get into the meat of today's post, I will say that I was able to snag a pre-order of a Wii along with going ahead and ordering Rayman: Raving Rabbids & Zelda: Twilight Princess, as they seemed like the best options for launch. It was a fairly grueling morning, but there was plenty of fellow gaming nuts there to make small talk with and play many rounds of DS while we waited several hours outside of the mall. It is sort of an on phenomenon waiting in line just for a preorder, especially since Wii will probably be the most available console in history. But I definitely like that I'll just be able to walk down anytime I like on Nov. 19th and just stroll in and pick one up as opposed to potentially going all over Seattle and possibly a couple of outer-lying cities trying to snag one.

Weren't able to procure a Wii preorder on Friday? May want to try your luck at Toys R Us. They aren't doing any preorders, but they are giving away 25,000 Wiis. After my extremely short stint as an employee at Toys R Us when I first moved up here, I was weary about ever going back, but this might be enough to tempt me...

Now, onto this week's hugely controversial game release: Rockstar's BULLY. Before even being released, Jack Thompson wanted to make it so the game wouldn't even reach retailers, sure that it would cause a massive up-rise in bullying incidents. Luckily, it was reviewed by a judge who has that increasingly rare ability called COMMON FUCKING SENSE and deemed it no worse than anything you could see on TV. I highly doubt this will be Thompson's resounding defeat that finally makes him go away, but it's good after his constant blustering over the last year or so to see him soundly beaten. Now, the real question is if Bully is worth all that controversy? Early indications are that it is, as it's gotten really strong reviews all across the board. I'd love to play it if i had any time...

Also out this week is Sam Fisher's latest spy mission-Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Although this looks to change up the standard Splinter Cell formula a bit with Fisher starting off in an undercover prison, it still doesn't seem like that much of a leap from the last few games (and the rather unforgiving multiplayer has been massively dumbed down, which has tricked off many fans of the last installment.

Looks like there will be no sequel to Okami, or even any more Viewiful Joe titles, as Clover studios has been shut down. People keep crying about industry homogenization, but those same people don't buy amazing games like Okami in even halfway decent numbers, yet buy the latest sports titles or GTA-style game in droves...

Good news for lazy fatasses! One of the complaints that has been launched against the Wii is that it will be exhausting to play for more than a couple of a hours at a time (obviously these people have never played intense button-mashers like Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry...). But it's been confirmed by UK mag Entertainmentwise that the "huge" motions you've seen in the videos are not what is actually required in order to play.
. Course, it's probably a lot more fun that way...

And while Nintendo's Wii remote is getting mostly positive reaction, IGN has written a rather scathing review of the Sixaxis, Sony's much touted "revolutionary" controller for the PS3. It's odd how it looks exactly the same as the Dualshock, yet apparently plays and feels so much worse. If it's really as crappy as IGN reports, this may be what truly dooms the console, as no one will want to play pretty but virtually unplayable titles on any system.

All right that's really all for today, but here's the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:


It's gonna be a long weekend...

So between a ridiculously crazy schedule at work over the next 5 days and getting up in the early dawn hours on Friday to try and secure my Wii, I probably won't really have time nor energy to post after today until Monday. So today I'll go over the regular news as well as this weekend's rather inane lineup of films.

So, what if you aren't able to get a pre-order on a Wii? Are your odds on launch day still pretty good? Nintendo is reportedly doubling their launch day numbers to 2 million units, which easily makes it one of the largest launches in history. Course, I'm not taking any chances and I'd rather wait in line early this Friday morning than a little over a month from no with what's sure to be 10x as many people (and that's just the people getting Wii, let's not forget the holiday shoppers..)

Ah, irony of ironies-A top Australian Sony exec is claiming the Wii and 360 are far too expensive for consumers! Again, Sony starting to remind anybody of Rome right before the fall?

Ok, onto this weekend's pitiful offering of films. I'm honestly not sure which of these would be more tortuous to sit through-Robin Williams recycling his material for the billionth time in the painfully obviously unfunny Man of the Year. Williams hasn't had a good comedy since The Birdcage way back in 96, and Barry Levinson's track record is nothing to be proud of, especially the last several years.

Then we have another craptacular horror sequel to a pathetic original in The Grudge 2. The original was a complete nonsensical mess, and this is sure to be an even more nonsensical one. Who is actually scared by a stupid girl that croaks like a frog and a little boy that meows like a cat?

And finally we have what seems sadly like your best bet this weekend-THE MARINE, starring WWE champ (at least last I know of, I only kind of keep up with wrestling these days) John Cena in what is WWE's thinly veiled attempt to force the next "Rock" on moviegoers. Kane already had See No Evil and Steve Austin is under contract for at least three films, all of which are virtually guaranteed to be miserable to sit through. I mean, seriously, if these guys were meant to movie beyond the entertaining but cheesy acting level of pro wrestling, Hollywood would've snatched them up already much like they did the Rock.



Wii games we'll (hopefully) never see

A good follow-up to my post about games we need to see on the Wii is College Humor's hilarious montage of games that will hopefully never be developed for the new control scheme (just click the blank space):

Let the Wii lines BEGIN! You'll be able to try and pre-order one from you local EB Games/Gamestop starting this lucky FRIDAY THE 113TH! MUHAHAHA! I plan on being up ridiculously bright and early to get in line Friday morning (sleep can come later).

In all my excitement over Scrubs Season 4 (which I'm happily enjoying as I'm writing this), I forgot another more than noteworthy release of a really great sitcom: Everybody Hates Chris-Pretty much the only good show on the newly crowned "CW" network aside from Veronica Mars. I honestly don't think it's worth a purchase, as it's not something I would watch over and over again, but I highly recommend a rental.

Gamepro has gone ahead and declared a clear winner in the next-gen war: The PS3!
How did they come to this lofty conclusion? By leaving out crucial info that slants the argument in Sony's favor (like not even mentioning the Wii channels, just that it will have downloadable games) and comparing games that no one has played yet. Great journalism at its finest Gamepro! Keep it up!


Sony wants a little love (and some tenderness?)

With all the bad press Sony's been getting lately, they certainly could use a kind word of support from whatever loyal fans they have left. And Sony is giving their fans an opportunity to show their love with a contest where the top ten will win an all expense paid trip to the PS3 premiere party as well as a nifty new PS3. Of course, Sony is still Sony. Note that the fine print says to allow up to 20 whopping weeks for delivery.

Speaking of the PS3, the official pre-order madness begins in a little under 10 hours west coast time at EB and Gamestop. I' sure Sony will croon about how gamers lined up the night before to try and get a pre-order. Course they'll forget the fact that probably 99% of those gamers will be SOL thanks to the ridiculously small launch numbers and be pretty pissed about it. Granted, if Sony can rush a constant steady supply out during the first several months after the launch, that should make up some much needed ground, but I'm thinking we might see 360 level shortages here.

So, the deal I previously reported on about the free copy of Gears of War/Viva Pinata at Amazon has apparently died. But it's been replaced with a still pretty good deal of $50 off your choice of Madden, Oblivion or Lego Star Wars II with your 360 purchase(which essentially makes them free). Reportedly, similar bundles are happening all over the net (and disappearing just as quickly as they seem to pop up), so I might just wait for the right one to pop up cause they should only get sweeter as we get closer to Christmas.

Apparently, the Wii and gamers share a very common enemy: NATURAL SUNLIGHT!. But again, being that the Sun is something gamers usually avoid at all costs (and especially while gaming) I don't really see this as being an issue.

Another game added to the "when I have time" list, Tales of the Abyss is out this week, from the same guys who brought you game like Tales of Symphonia & Tales of Legendia. Assuming you aren't massively backed up like me, you need to pick this up. Of course, Phantasy Star Universe & Final Fantasy XII are right around the corner...

I saw The Departed over the weekend and I thought it was a damn entertaining movie with excellent performances all around. Probably Scorsese's best film in years.

And lastly, Scrubs season 4 is FINALLY out on DVD today, so in honor of that, here's a "best of" collection from that season as the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:


The Top Ten Games We need to see on the Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto has already said he's looking into the possibility of remaking certain Gamecube titles in order to take advantage of the Wii's unique controller. What exactly he has in mind, only he knows. But I thought I'd give my two cents on games that would port over perfectly to the Wii and not just from the Gamecube library (this list is in no particular order, so these aren't ranked).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'll start with the most recent and obvious. Okami is simply a brilliant title, and as I've stated in previous blog entries, the celestial brush is a perfect fit for the Wii remote. (and as good as the controls for the brush are with the duel analog, it just would feel a bit more natural if you were actually making the motions of painting, which is exactly what you could do with the Wii remote). This is so obvious it screams out at everybody who plays it. Capcom has a really good history of supporting the Wii, so odds are good we'll either see Okami or it's eventual sequel on the Wii sometime in the future.

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is already a launch title, and Jet Grind Radio (also known as Jet Set Radio on the Xbox) is a much better basic example of this genre, with awesome graffiti spraying added in, which much likes Okami, makes it prime for Wii development.

Probably the one title that truly screams for a Wii remake above any other. I still have this for my Saturn and it exemplifies everything the Wii is supposed to be about-Simple, fun, a huge sense of freedom and being gorgeous yet not relying on some super-powerful graphics to be gorgeous. Sega is clearly strongly behind Nintendo with several planned Wii titles and giving the virtual console their full support, so this seems like a ridiculously obvious idea that needs to happen.

The Wii remote has the potential to revolutionize the way console FPS games are played, and new gameplay mechanics like that can be used to give brilliant but criminally ignored titles a well-deserved second shot. Metal Arms is most definitely one of those titles. It's an extremely funny and well designed shooter that the public simply seemed to ignore, even though it's really almost right up there with the likes of Halo in multi-player thanks to excellent weapon & map designs (and definitely has a better single-player campaign than either Halo game can lay claim to). Putting it on the Wii would give it a good chance to find an audience it truly deserves.

And if the Wii is potentially a revolution for FPS, the same holds true for on-rails shooters. Panzer Dragoon is arguably the pinnacle of this genre, and either a remake or a totally new entry could really capitalize on that potential, and easily put impressive looking PS3 titles where you fly around on dragons to shame since the Wii remote would give a much more fun experience.

Probably the last good Sega Saturn title made, Burning Rangers mix of futuristic firefighters with jet packs would be a really good and natural transition over to the Wii's unique interface.

Ever since Nintendo unveiled the Wii remote and it's motion-sensing capabilities, Star Wars fanboys have been drooling at the thought of the ability to have virtual lightsaber duels. With a little tweaking, Star Wars Trilogy could easily fit that bill. It features great dogfights and intense lightsaber battles that would easily work with the Wii remote. And in online multi-player and you'd automatically have a strong contender for the best Star Wars game ever.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Paperboy is pretty likely to make an appearance on the virtual console, but it's simple but fun gameplay could easily be made to fit the Wii. It'd be pretty fun flicking your wrist trying to correctly deliver those newspapers.

Simply put, Point Blank is just as good if not better than the classic Duck Hunt, which is already getting a Wii remake & a virtual console release. It's got more variety and humor and just plain wackiness, and would be a great complement to that zapper we saw at E3.

Samba De Amigo is the ultimate party game, and it's original Maraca controllers were pretty much a less sophisticated version of what the Wii remote is, so it would be an easy transition. It would also be a really good counter to games like Dance Dance Revolution, which obviously would not transfer well to the Wii without and expensive dance pad.

All right, that's it for now, but I'll be back tonight since it's technically Monday with another post.



How do you kill that which has no life?

In case you missed on of the best episodes of any TV show EVER last night, here is the FULL episode of South Park's "Make Love, Not Warcraft", which hilariously lampoons the pure absurdity of the game. Sadly, it actually makes me sort of miss playing WOW, which I haven't touched in about 9 months (though I seriously have to clear my seemingly ever-growing backlog of games before I seriously consider a return).

So, even though Gamestop isn't reportedly offering any preorders on Wii, you still may have no trouble getting one, as Nintendo will supposedly has anywhere between 9 and 11 million units ready to ship by the end of the calender year. To put that number in perspective, MS is hoping the 360 will hit 10 million owners total by the end of this year, so if these reports are true, The Wii may be the easiest item to get ever that's still a ridiculously hot seller.

You know, one thing that would really, really tempt me to get an Xbox 360 in the near future would be a free game for it. But it would have to be a current game that I'm actually excited about, not something lame like Kameo or Perfect Dark Zero. Amazon may have just tempt me enough with their deal going on this October: Buy a 360 and get either GEARS OF WAR or VIVA PINATA FREE. I have checked Amazon, and haven't seen the deal, so maybe it will happen later this month (it's still early), but 1up is pretty reputable, so I expect I'll be heavily tempted as soon as it's official.

On to this weekend's movies-Really the only one even worth checking out is Martin Scorsese's The Departed, which is a remake of an excellent Japanese film called Infernal Affairs. You really can't wrong with the seemingly endless talented cast (Dicaprio, Affleck, Wahlberg, Baldwin, Nicholson,etc.) and Scorsese pretty much always delivers.

Then you have those films that shouldn't even have conceived. Wasn't the remake of Texas Chainsaw massacre horrible enough? Do we need a prequel of the origin of this lame-ass serial killer & his family of fat inbred southern hicks? Apparently someone feels we do, because Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning has been unleashed in theatres, and unfortunately, it has been repeatedly proven that people are dumb enough to think these kind of movies are not only scary, but good. I'm sure this'll make 25 mil easy opening weekend, even though it doesn't deserve to make 10 dollars.

And finally, we have Employee of the Month. You know, somehow in the course of a year Dane Cook went from the biggest comedian on Earth to one of the most annoying guys ever, and his first major film doesn't seem to be doing anything to fix that (it could be because he hasn't changed the same recycled material he originally stole from far funnier guys). But I'm sure Jessica Simpson will lure in the horny teenagers.

That's really all I have to talk about for today, but I'll leave you with another brilliant Weird Al video, courtesy of the show, Robot Chicken: WEASEL STOMPING DAY!


Play with your Mii

Although the Wii won't actually be out until next month, you can get an idea of what the "Mii channel" feature will be like with this handy little flash version.I have to admit, it's quite a bit of fun, hopefully the full version will have even more options or at least some more downloadable ones in the future.

Are you a complete fucking pussy who is willing to pay to earn gamerscore points? Then check out Level my 360-A site where you pay professionals to raise your gamerscore. This crap should be illegal.

So, thought you'd miss all that launch day waiting-in-line nonsense by pre-ordering your Wii or PS3? Well Gamestop won't be any help there, as they reportedly aren't offering pre-orders for either. I'll probably try to get something online, but if that doesn't happen, I'll probably just try and get a Wii when I can get my hands on one, I've never been one for waiting hours in line for launch day.



Ken Kuturagi says the darndest things

On competition: "We don't care."

On PS3 Progress: "Right now ... we can't manufacture enough blue laser diodes for our PlayStation 3s. But we will resolve that,"

Really? How, exactly? I mean christ man, to say you don't care about your competition, then grudgingly admit you're having trouble getting the basic parts for an already botched launch is just about as ass backwards as it can get.

But ultimately, what is the PS3's biggest obstacle? It might be the PS2 itself, as this editorial outlines. And it's absolutely right. The PS2 is cheap, available, has a huge library of great titles with quite a few more down the line (FFXII, God of War 2, Tales of the Abyss, just to name a few). I can't imagine any solid reason you could give anyone to get a PS3 over a PS2 at this point.

Don't throw out those gamecube controllers/wavebirds! Nintendo has confirmed that not only can they be used with all the GC titles on the Wii, but certain other games may make use of them as well (quite possibly virtual console titles, but upcoming Wii games like Smash Dojo have also been previously mentioned).

Even more good news on the Wii front: While the friend code system is still going to be used, it should only be one code per console, as opposed to per title like it is on the DS. This should make the system much smoother.

And I did finally catch Fearless today, and it was pretty damn good. The action was amazing, and it had actually had a pretty good story, even if the acting was pretty stiff (but hey, you don't go see Jet Li movies for good acting). Again, I highly doubt this is the last martial arts movie he'll do, but if it is, it's a very fine note to end it on.