How do you kill that which has no life?

In case you missed on of the best episodes of any TV show EVER last night, here is the FULL episode of South Park's "Make Love, Not Warcraft", which hilariously lampoons the pure absurdity of the game. Sadly, it actually makes me sort of miss playing WOW, which I haven't touched in about 9 months (though I seriously have to clear my seemingly ever-growing backlog of games before I seriously consider a return).

So, even though Gamestop isn't reportedly offering any preorders on Wii, you still may have no trouble getting one, as Nintendo will supposedly has anywhere between 9 and 11 million units ready to ship by the end of the calender year. To put that number in perspective, MS is hoping the 360 will hit 10 million owners total by the end of this year, so if these reports are true, The Wii may be the easiest item to get ever that's still a ridiculously hot seller.

You know, one thing that would really, really tempt me to get an Xbox 360 in the near future would be a free game for it. But it would have to be a current game that I'm actually excited about, not something lame like Kameo or Perfect Dark Zero. Amazon may have just tempt me enough with their deal going on this October: Buy a 360 and get either GEARS OF WAR or VIVA PINATA FREE. I have checked Amazon, and haven't seen the deal, so maybe it will happen later this month (it's still early), but 1up is pretty reputable, so I expect I'll be heavily tempted as soon as it's official.

On to this weekend's movies-Really the only one even worth checking out is Martin Scorsese's The Departed, which is a remake of an excellent Japanese film called Infernal Affairs. You really can't wrong with the seemingly endless talented cast (Dicaprio, Affleck, Wahlberg, Baldwin, Nicholson,etc.) and Scorsese pretty much always delivers.

Then you have those films that shouldn't even have conceived. Wasn't the remake of Texas Chainsaw massacre horrible enough? Do we need a prequel of the origin of this lame-ass serial killer & his family of fat inbred southern hicks? Apparently someone feels we do, because Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning has been unleashed in theatres, and unfortunately, it has been repeatedly proven that people are dumb enough to think these kind of movies are not only scary, but good. I'm sure this'll make 25 mil easy opening weekend, even though it doesn't deserve to make 10 dollars.

And finally, we have Employee of the Month. You know, somehow in the course of a year Dane Cook went from the biggest comedian on Earth to one of the most annoying guys ever, and his first major film doesn't seem to be doing anything to fix that (it could be because he hasn't changed the same recycled material he originally stole from far funnier guys). But I'm sure Jessica Simpson will lure in the horny teenagers.

That's really all I have to talk about for today, but I'll leave you with another brilliant Weird Al video, courtesy of the show, Robot Chicken: WEASEL STOMPING DAY!

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