Wii games we'll (hopefully) never see

A good follow-up to my post about games we need to see on the Wii is College Humor's hilarious montage of games that will hopefully never be developed for the new control scheme (just click the blank space):

Let the Wii lines BEGIN! You'll be able to try and pre-order one from you local EB Games/Gamestop starting this lucky FRIDAY THE 113TH! MUHAHAHA! I plan on being up ridiculously bright and early to get in line Friday morning (sleep can come later).

In all my excitement over Scrubs Season 4 (which I'm happily enjoying as I'm writing this), I forgot another more than noteworthy release of a really great sitcom: Everybody Hates Chris-Pretty much the only good show on the newly crowned "CW" network aside from Veronica Mars. I honestly don't think it's worth a purchase, as it's not something I would watch over and over again, but I highly recommend a rental.

Gamepro has gone ahead and declared a clear winner in the next-gen war: The PS3!
How did they come to this lofty conclusion? By leaving out crucial info that slants the argument in Sony's favor (like not even mentioning the Wii channels, just that it will have downloadable games) and comparing games that no one has played yet. Great journalism at its finest Gamepro! Keep it up!

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