The Top Ten Games We need to see on the Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto has already said he's looking into the possibility of remaking certain Gamecube titles in order to take advantage of the Wii's unique controller. What exactly he has in mind, only he knows. But I thought I'd give my two cents on games that would port over perfectly to the Wii and not just from the Gamecube library (this list is in no particular order, so these aren't ranked).

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I'll start with the most recent and obvious. Okami is simply a brilliant title, and as I've stated in previous blog entries, the celestial brush is a perfect fit for the Wii remote. (and as good as the controls for the brush are with the duel analog, it just would feel a bit more natural if you were actually making the motions of painting, which is exactly what you could do with the Wii remote). This is so obvious it screams out at everybody who plays it. Capcom has a really good history of supporting the Wii, so odds are good we'll either see Okami or it's eventual sequel on the Wii sometime in the future.

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is already a launch title, and Jet Grind Radio (also known as Jet Set Radio on the Xbox) is a much better basic example of this genre, with awesome graffiti spraying added in, which much likes Okami, makes it prime for Wii development.

Probably the one title that truly screams for a Wii remake above any other. I still have this for my Saturn and it exemplifies everything the Wii is supposed to be about-Simple, fun, a huge sense of freedom and being gorgeous yet not relying on some super-powerful graphics to be gorgeous. Sega is clearly strongly behind Nintendo with several planned Wii titles and giving the virtual console their full support, so this seems like a ridiculously obvious idea that needs to happen.

The Wii remote has the potential to revolutionize the way console FPS games are played, and new gameplay mechanics like that can be used to give brilliant but criminally ignored titles a well-deserved second shot. Metal Arms is most definitely one of those titles. It's an extremely funny and well designed shooter that the public simply seemed to ignore, even though it's really almost right up there with the likes of Halo in multi-player thanks to excellent weapon & map designs (and definitely has a better single-player campaign than either Halo game can lay claim to). Putting it on the Wii would give it a good chance to find an audience it truly deserves.

And if the Wii is potentially a revolution for FPS, the same holds true for on-rails shooters. Panzer Dragoon is arguably the pinnacle of this genre, and either a remake or a totally new entry could really capitalize on that potential, and easily put impressive looking PS3 titles where you fly around on dragons to shame since the Wii remote would give a much more fun experience.

Probably the last good Sega Saturn title made, Burning Rangers mix of futuristic firefighters with jet packs would be a really good and natural transition over to the Wii's unique interface.

Ever since Nintendo unveiled the Wii remote and it's motion-sensing capabilities, Star Wars fanboys have been drooling at the thought of the ability to have virtual lightsaber duels. With a little tweaking, Star Wars Trilogy could easily fit that bill. It features great dogfights and intense lightsaber battles that would easily work with the Wii remote. And in online multi-player and you'd automatically have a strong contender for the best Star Wars game ever.

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Paperboy is pretty likely to make an appearance on the virtual console, but it's simple but fun gameplay could easily be made to fit the Wii. It'd be pretty fun flicking your wrist trying to correctly deliver those newspapers.

Simply put, Point Blank is just as good if not better than the classic Duck Hunt, which is already getting a Wii remake & a virtual console release. It's got more variety and humor and just plain wackiness, and would be a great complement to that zapper we saw at E3.

Samba De Amigo is the ultimate party game, and it's original Maraca controllers were pretty much a less sophisticated version of what the Wii remote is, so it would be an easy transition. It would also be a really good counter to games like Dance Dance Revolution, which obviously would not transfer well to the Wii without and expensive dance pad.

All right, that's it for now, but I'll be back tonight since it's technically Monday with another post.


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