Surviving Bad Box Office

So after torturing us with wave after wave of fairly awful films, lots of people are saying Ben Affleck's career is done and over with after Surviving Christmas failed to scare up enough to cover paying the janitorial crew at your local cineplex.
I actually consider this a shame, cause I actually like Affleck, which I know immediately makes me the enemy of about 99% of hate-filled cyncial internet geeks out there, but I still remember the great performances he gave in films like Chasing Amy, Mall Rats, Dogma, Boiler Room (even though he was only in that for a few minutes) and Sum of All Fears was pretty good as well. He's hardly the only talented actor to be in a string of rotten films. Granted, I wasn't dumb enough to go see Surviving Christmas (not that the Grudge was a much better choice, see my review here), but I'll be more than willing to see his next film as long as the previews are decent. He said he's done with action films, that's probably a good start. Maybe he should go the Robin Williams route and start doing mostly creepy psycho roles that are against what people generally think of him. But I'd hate for someone to skip a great movie just cause they don't like the star in it (aside from guys like Rob Schnieder and David Spade, just about anything they do is just plain unwatchable).


Rollin wit' my krew...

Well it's officially tommorow, so I thought I'd update (hell, maybe I'll do this several times a day if I have enough to say). GTA: San Andreas hits most stores today, I will definitely rent, but don't plan on buying it. Sure, it's a lot bigger, but does that just mean you'll be running over hookers in different cities or will it make a difference in actual gameplay? I enjoyed Vice City, but reckless mayhem is only fun for so long and the missions weren't that entertaining. And in case you haven't heard, they have this whole diet system where you have to eat to keep up your stamina, but you also have to exrecise to keep off the weight. I think that's one of the stupidest ideas in game history. Games should never be that realistic. I don't want to have to worry about food or water supply in a game. If I want that, I'll go to the desert for a few days with nothing but a backpack and a canteen. It's sorta lame that I could arguably fail a mission because I took one too many trips to Burger King. Well, I guess we'll all find out in a day or two.


Start with a joke...

So I'm now playing a game where you actually have to search all over the place for gay porn in order to get powerful dresses for a doll. The joke is that this isn't a joke. The name of the game is a quirky but brilliant rpg called Shadowhearts: Covenant.
Hi, my name is Eric Chrisman, and this is my first atempt at a blog. The title has to do with what I'll mainly be talking about on here, the entertainment medium. Video games, movies, music, tv, dvds, etc. (honestly mostly video games). There won't be any big reviews on here, you can check those out at the websites I write for-rawfeedvideogames.com & rawfeedmovies.com. I probably won't update this daily, but I'll try as often as possible, so let's start with a couple of quick comments on gaming as of late and on a very odd film.

Having beat Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door in a mere 5 days (somehow I managed to squeeze in 35 hours in 5 days and I have no idea how; it's really freaking me out) I recently picked up Phantom Brave for PS2, now as it wasn't available at any of the 3 main rental chains I go to, I didn't really get to play it for full review in a timely manner (within a couple of weeks of release), which is a rule I try to make for myself. This is from the same geniuses who made Disgaea & La Pucelle, so I was expecting it to be great. I won't say it sucked, but it definitely wasn't up my alley. The lack of grids is very confusing, they put weird limits on how many guys you can make and drag into battle, the fact that you have to restore guys who aren't even damaged after every battle is a costly and annoying thing, and finally I hate that your guys can only be on the field for a limited amount of turns. So, I claimed my copy didn't work and got Shadow Hearts instead :), despite the whole thing about gay porn, it's a rather brilliant rpg that any fan of the genre should pick up.

I saw "I Heart Huckabees" yesterday (mainly because the last 3 showings of "The Grudge" were completely sold out, I'll have a review up at my website on monday of that one), this is one of the wierdest fucking movies I have ever seen. It's basically about existential detectives who try and figure out how everything is connected. It was entertaining and I laughed a lot, but there were many moments where the movie completely lost me.

Ok, that's it for today, now I have continue on my quest for gay porn (uh, in Shadow Hearts I mean).