Rollin wit' my krew...

Well it's officially tommorow, so I thought I'd update (hell, maybe I'll do this several times a day if I have enough to say). GTA: San Andreas hits most stores today, I will definitely rent, but don't plan on buying it. Sure, it's a lot bigger, but does that just mean you'll be running over hookers in different cities or will it make a difference in actual gameplay? I enjoyed Vice City, but reckless mayhem is only fun for so long and the missions weren't that entertaining. And in case you haven't heard, they have this whole diet system where you have to eat to keep up your stamina, but you also have to exrecise to keep off the weight. I think that's one of the stupidest ideas in game history. Games should never be that realistic. I don't want to have to worry about food or water supply in a game. If I want that, I'll go to the desert for a few days with nothing but a backpack and a canteen. It's sorta lame that I could arguably fail a mission because I took one too many trips to Burger King. Well, I guess we'll all find out in a day or two.

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