Surviving Bad Box Office

So after torturing us with wave after wave of fairly awful films, lots of people are saying Ben Affleck's career is done and over with after Surviving Christmas failed to scare up enough to cover paying the janitorial crew at your local cineplex.
I actually consider this a shame, cause I actually like Affleck, which I know immediately makes me the enemy of about 99% of hate-filled cyncial internet geeks out there, but I still remember the great performances he gave in films like Chasing Amy, Mall Rats, Dogma, Boiler Room (even though he was only in that for a few minutes) and Sum of All Fears was pretty good as well. He's hardly the only talented actor to be in a string of rotten films. Granted, I wasn't dumb enough to go see Surviving Christmas (not that the Grudge was a much better choice, see my review here), but I'll be more than willing to see his next film as long as the previews are decent. He said he's done with action films, that's probably a good start. Maybe he should go the Robin Williams route and start doing mostly creepy psycho roles that are against what people generally think of him. But I'd hate for someone to skip a great movie just cause they don't like the star in it (aside from guys like Rob Schnieder and David Spade, just about anything they do is just plain unwatchable).


Anonymous said...

Aah, "Chasing Amy"---as James Rocchi, Netflix, said "Indie god Kevin Smith's finest hour..."
Ben Affleck can deliver a great performance---all he needs is outstanding direction and writing. Affleck will come back big time!!

Anonymous said...

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