Play with your Mii

Although the Wii won't actually be out until next month, you can get an idea of what the "Mii channel" feature will be like with this handy little flash version.I have to admit, it's quite a bit of fun, hopefully the full version will have even more options or at least some more downloadable ones in the future.

Are you a complete fucking pussy who is willing to pay to earn gamerscore points? Then check out Level my 360-A site where you pay professionals to raise your gamerscore. This crap should be illegal.

So, thought you'd miss all that launch day waiting-in-line nonsense by pre-ordering your Wii or PS3? Well Gamestop won't be any help there, as they reportedly aren't offering pre-orders for either. I'll probably try to get something online, but if that doesn't happen, I'll probably just try and get a Wii when I can get my hands on one, I've never been one for waiting hours in line for launch day.


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