Sony wants a little love (and some tenderness?)

With all the bad press Sony's been getting lately, they certainly could use a kind word of support from whatever loyal fans they have left. And Sony is giving their fans an opportunity to show their love with a contest where the top ten will win an all expense paid trip to the PS3 premiere party as well as a nifty new PS3. Of course, Sony is still Sony. Note that the fine print says to allow up to 20 whopping weeks for delivery.

Speaking of the PS3, the official pre-order madness begins in a little under 10 hours west coast time at EB and Gamestop. I' sure Sony will croon about how gamers lined up the night before to try and get a pre-order. Course they'll forget the fact that probably 99% of those gamers will be SOL thanks to the ridiculously small launch numbers and be pretty pissed about it. Granted, if Sony can rush a constant steady supply out during the first several months after the launch, that should make up some much needed ground, but I'm thinking we might see 360 level shortages here.

So, the deal I previously reported on about the free copy of Gears of War/Viva Pinata at Amazon has apparently died. But it's been replaced with a still pretty good deal of $50 off your choice of Madden, Oblivion or Lego Star Wars II with your 360 purchase(which essentially makes them free). Reportedly, similar bundles are happening all over the net (and disappearing just as quickly as they seem to pop up), so I might just wait for the right one to pop up cause they should only get sweeter as we get closer to Christmas.

Apparently, the Wii and gamers share a very common enemy: NATURAL SUNLIGHT!. But again, being that the Sun is something gamers usually avoid at all costs (and especially while gaming) I don't really see this as being an issue.

Another game added to the "when I have time" list, Tales of the Abyss is out this week, from the same guys who brought you game like Tales of Symphonia & Tales of Legendia. Assuming you aren't massively backed up like me, you need to pick this up. Of course, Phantasy Star Universe & Final Fantasy XII are right around the corner...

I saw The Departed over the weekend and I thought it was a damn entertaining movie with excellent performances all around. Probably Scorsese's best film in years.

And lastly, Scrubs season 4 is FINALLY out on DVD today, so in honor of that, here's a "best of" collection from that season as the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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