It's gonna be a long weekend...

So between a ridiculously crazy schedule at work over the next 5 days and getting up in the early dawn hours on Friday to try and secure my Wii, I probably won't really have time nor energy to post after today until Monday. So today I'll go over the regular news as well as this weekend's rather inane lineup of films.

So, what if you aren't able to get a pre-order on a Wii? Are your odds on launch day still pretty good? Nintendo is reportedly doubling their launch day numbers to 2 million units, which easily makes it one of the largest launches in history. Course, I'm not taking any chances and I'd rather wait in line early this Friday morning than a little over a month from no with what's sure to be 10x as many people (and that's just the people getting Wii, let's not forget the holiday shoppers..)

Ah, irony of ironies-A top Australian Sony exec is claiming the Wii and 360 are far too expensive for consumers! Again, Sony starting to remind anybody of Rome right before the fall?

Ok, onto this weekend's pitiful offering of films. I'm honestly not sure which of these would be more tortuous to sit through-Robin Williams recycling his material for the billionth time in the painfully obviously unfunny Man of the Year. Williams hasn't had a good comedy since The Birdcage way back in 96, and Barry Levinson's track record is nothing to be proud of, especially the last several years.

Then we have another craptacular horror sequel to a pathetic original in The Grudge 2. The original was a complete nonsensical mess, and this is sure to be an even more nonsensical one. Who is actually scared by a stupid girl that croaks like a frog and a little boy that meows like a cat?

And finally we have what seems sadly like your best bet this weekend-THE MARINE, starring WWE champ (at least last I know of, I only kind of keep up with wrestling these days) John Cena in what is WWE's thinly veiled attempt to force the next "Rock" on moviegoers. Kane already had See No Evil and Steve Austin is under contract for at least three films, all of which are virtually guaranteed to be miserable to sit through. I mean, seriously, if these guys were meant to movie beyond the entertaining but cheesy acting level of pro wrestling, Hollywood would've snatched them up already much like they did the Rock.


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