The PS3 creates possessed baby demon dolls!

This freaky ad apparently aired during the world series yesterday, and my god is it fucking stupid. What the hell? That's supposed to entice me to get a PS3? I'd be more worried that the Toyman was out to get me. Not to mention unlike the fairly cool ads I posted earlier, it says & shows nothing, which implies that Sony has nothing to show. I sometimes wonder how marketing execs keep their jobs...

Though there is no "full" version of the David Fincher trailer for Gears of War, a fan made one that's pretty damn cool featuring the same song:

Of course for something slightly more wacky: A GEARS OF WAR XMAS!

And I forget to mention last time that I did end up getting Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the PS2. I haven't tried online yet (which I hear suffers from serious lag issues), but the combat is a lot of fun (and deeper than your normal button masher) and the characters as well as the universe are well-represented. I just wish it had a stronger story, as a lot of the characters are available at the start and seemed to have teamed up with no rhyme or reason.

Now for some real news, the first concrete details of Halo 3 have finally emerged. EGM has an issue that should be out shortly with a big 17-page blowout, but some Swedish mag has already released details on several multi-player levels and new weapons, you can check out the impressions, interview with the developers, and some eye-popping pics here. I'm excited about Halo 3 as anybody, but I'll wait to really see it in action before I consider buying a 360.

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