The Magic Man

Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman play two magicians who face off in one of this year's most highly anticipated films, The Prestige. Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale were known for good work prior to Batman Begins, but this is not only the first major film for both since that huge blockbuster, but the first pairing that doesn't have a major license behind it. Early word is really solid, so I expect it to be a very entertaining film and fully intend to check it out this weekend.

Also arguably as big is Clint Eastwood's latest-Flags of Our Fathers. I'm sure it'll bring in all the vets & their friends & families, but I really feel historic wars & especially WWII is, like sports, something that has just been mined way too often to be remotely interesting anymore.

Interested in what MTV's view of 18th century France? If so, you must've had a lobotomy. But then you also might want to check out Marie Antoinette, which if I didn't know better, I'd think it was Merchant Ivory's desperate attempt to reach out to the younger than 85 bracket.

Wanna see how bad an actor Tim Mcgraw is? Might want to check out Flicka, another cliched horse racing movie little girls will love, but everyone else is sure to find painful. A much better choice for the whole family would be the re-release (IN 3D) of Tim Burton's classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. I haven't really seen any showings available in the Seattle area, but that's definitely what I'd prefer to watch over any film out there right now.

Finally in limited release is yet another movie about yet another wonderfully dysfunctional family, Running with Scissors. You know, cause we haven't seen this in American Beauty or Royal Tenenbaums or Little Miss Sunshine or....(this is getting as bad as war & sports movies now).

Woot! Finally Beat Disgaea 2! Total time: 93 FRIGGIN HOURS! Fuck that was long. Let's see, now I just have to get through Okami, Shadow Hearts, Advance Wars, New Super Mario Bros., Superstar Saga, Oblivion (never beat it) and then there's all the games I've been meaning to pick up. My list should be cleared around 2020....

Some disturbing info about Sony's controllers has been uncovered (aside from the fact that it seems cheaply made). It is wireless and runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Sounds fine, right? Except that when the battery dies for good, the controller goes with it. That means no matter how well you handle your controllers for your PS3, you will have to eventually replace them. Now granted, this could be blowing things a bit out of proportion as nobody knows how many charges these batteries have but I'll probably wait til we get firm confirmation on how long they will actually last before I ever consider buying a PS3.

But today was Sony's big day as they had a huge event in the Bay Area to show off the PS3. And some good news did come out of it-Sony claims that 1 million PS3's will be out by the end of the year and 6 million will be out by the end of March. Although I'll believe that figure when I see it, 4.5 million units is a lot to pump out in about 3 months if they even make their goal of 1 million by year's end.

The PS3 launch list was revealed
, and while it certainly isn't heavy on originality or exclusives, it does offer something in just about every genre, which is admirable and rare (course whether most of those games are actually worth something remains to be seen, Resistance is the only pS3 title that seems noteworthy right now). And the fist batch (500,000) of PS3's will come with a free Blu-ray copy of Talladega Nights. Because when I think of the perfect title to show off the power of Blu-ray, it's a lowbrow NASCAR comedy, not some big budget extravaganza with awesome special effects...

So just how dead is Gamecube? Dead enough that if you want Twilight Princess, you may have to import it. Nintendo is reportedly only offering it online through their, and only to Japan at this point. I know the Gamecube is for all intents and purposes dead, but as Nintendo is generally known for fan service, this is a huge slap in the face to those who've bothered to hold onto their Gamecubes this long, pretty much specifically for Zelda. It would've been fitting to end the systems run with it and let it go out with a little dignity rather than just essentially take it out the the shed like Old Yeller.

Onto better news for Wii gamers: Now, it's not unusual these days for controllers to come with games, they do it for unique ones like Guitar Hero all the time. But what about the controller that comes with the system? Because the Wii Remote is going to be packed with a collection of minigames known as Wii Play that are actually contained inside the controller itself. While granted they probably aren't anything to get all crazy about, this does mean anyone who just buys a Wii will have 10 games to play around with. Best value ever?

Finally, looks like the Halo movie has hit some trouble as Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox have backed out of co-financing the film. Hopefully, some other studio will come along and pick it up, but I hope they don't have to cut corners for it to be made or it'll probably be no better than Doom.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Super Mario: Halloween Edition

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