Finally Fantasy

Well, it only took 5 years, but finally, Final Fantasy Fans have a truly proper sequel out tomorrow in the highly controversial Final Fantasy XII comes out tomorrow. Not controversial in the traditional sense really, but controversial in that it casts aside a lot of what traditionally defines Final Fantasy. But to be fair the FF series to its credit has never been one to play it safe. Every single game in the series is drastically different from the previous one. The battle system is constantly tweaked, a whole new cast of characters, in a whole new universe. And most of the time, it works out pretty damn well. Early word on this latest chapter is that it's the best one in a long time, so hopefully that holds up, cause I'm going to try and score one at EB Games tonight at midnight.

But much more exciting (for me at any rate), is that the Wii is coming to town tomorrow evening. The Nintendo Fusion tour hits Seattle, and the Wii will be playable. I guess I should probably give these bands I've never really heard of (with the exception of Hawthorne Heights) a chance, but if it's possible, I'll probably spend my whole time testing out the Wii. I'll be sure to post impressions as soon as possible.

That's really all I got for today, so Happy Halloween and here's the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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Aaron said...

Another Final Fantasy makes me happy in places it shouldn't