Ed Asner is one tough SOB

One of the more interesting things about the Knights of the Old Republic series is that both games have Ed Asner voicing the no-nonsense cynical Jedi Master Vrook. Even if you are the most evil Jedi in the known universe, you never get to see just how suprsingly strong he is in the first game, but in the second, if you are evil, your main goal is to eliminate all existing Jedi so you get to fight him, which I got to do this past weekend finishing off KOTOR II as a dark side Jedi. And much like Master Yoda, this old and feeble-looking man whooped my ass many a time. Ed Asner is officially the toughest RPG boss I've fought in years, cause I rarely die more than once at any boss in an rpg, and it took me a good 10 tries to finally kill the bastard (although the fact that I was a Sith Lord didn't help, it's one of those classes where you are really weak until you get into the higher levels and then can lay waste to tons of enemies with your almost unlimited spell power).

On the movie front, Elektra opens this weekend, and while Jennifer Garner's forte is kicking ass in really tight outfits, there's plenty of warning signs that this will be a bad film. The first being that it's a spinoff of Daredevil, which was fairly mediocre, but what really scares me is the line they use in most of the TV ads: "From the forces that brought you X-men". Yeah, they brought us X-men. They also brought crap like incredible Hulk. And it's not like any of the geniuses invovled in making the good comic book films worked on this, i.e. Bryan Singer (X-men), Guillermo Del Toro (Blade & Hellboy) or Sam Raimi(Spider-Man). That's hollywood speak for no one worth anything wanted to touch this crap with a ten foot pole. it's the same thing when they say it's from a producer of a hit film or a director who had a great film years ago but hasn't done anything noteworthy since. It's not necessarily a sure sign of doom, but it's something to be weary of before you lay down your money on a complete waste on time.
On the other hand, there's Coach Carter with Samuel L. Jackson, which just seems like a guaraunteed waste of time. I mean really, how many more fucking movies do we need about a teacher/coach who teaches a bunch of unruly inner city kids about improving their life? I can tell it's gonna be a rough couple months ahead for movie goers like myself.

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