You know what really grinds my gears?

Seth MacFarlane trying to pull a fast one on us, that's what. This past Sunday's "season finale" of Family guy was nothing more the an extremely neutered and shortened version of the Stewie Griffin movie that came out way back in September of last year. I was initally as excited as anybody to see Family Guy return to the airwaves, but I'm gonna fully admit that this has been a geniunely mediocre if not downright awful season, and giving the fans a huge "screw you" by trying to pass off something that's been available for months as new is just inexcusable. Way to burn the fans responsible for getting your job back.

The summertime blues have officially begun for gamers, with the release slate looking slimmer and slimmer up until at least September, but I'm very interested in checking out Steambot Chronicles, it seems like a fun quirky rpg that'd be right up my alley (although I'm not quite done with Atelier Iris 2 yet, so I'll probably hold off with that for a little while.

That's mostly all I have for today discussion-wsie, but I got lots of cool new media for everybody:

First up, somebody went ahead and made a Angel/Buffy trailer mixed in with Sin City, these go so perfectly together, it's damn eerie:

Secondly, someone has gone ahead and made a very cool flash series that finally combines the worlds of Mario & Sonic, infused with clever Dragonball Z style. Check out Episode 1 and Episode 2, this is just pretty amazing work.

And finally,. with Scrubs off the air til the new midseason in January, I've decided to add a new weekly feature until it comes back: The SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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