Over a million served

Congrats to Nintendo for selling over a million Wiis in just over two weeks. Let's hope they can keep this huge enthusiasm for the system going by actually keeping up the quality releases (hint, Mario Galaxy BEFORE Christmas would be a good idea, Reggie!!!).

One area that admittedly has gotten off to a rough start is the Virtual Console, with a rather inconsistent release schedule, but Nintendo has officially standardized it, promising 4 new titles every Monday at 9 am pacific time. I'll be sure to post every release as soon as I get my hands on it. Here's the expected releases you can try out in a little under 9 hours (let's home some original titles start showing up in the not too distant future):

* Donkey Kong Jr. (500 Wii points - NES*)
* Victory Run (600 points - TG-16)
* Columns (800 points - Genesis)
* Ristar (800 points - Genesis)

Wanna fill up your Mii plaza with celebrities (or just don't have any friends you can make)? Then check out http://miiplaza.net/. It's fairly new, but it's already racked up and impressive number of creatively done Miss (my personal faves being the cast of Buffy & Firefly in the Sci, which I added immediately) which is being added to daily.

And for my last bit of Wii-centric stuff today, somebody made a pretty badass commercial for the Wii spoofing the somewhat freaky PS3 commercials:

Starting today MS is opening up the registration for Halo 3 multi-player beta. I admit, it's awfully tempting to go run out and get a 360 as soon as my nearest EB opens up just so I could at least try to get in.

I was able to catch a sneak preview of Blood Diamond. While it featured strong performances from Dicaprio & Hounsou, it's fairly predictable and it's really nothing films like The Constant Gardener haven't done better.

As you can see, I've started promoting the upcoming premiere of 24
in my header. The release of Season 5 is out on DVD tomorrow, so be sure to catch up quick. One cool thing the do is release a short about what happened in-between the two seasons. So for those who don't want to bother with buying/renting the season just to get that video, here it is:

And for my Christmas video today, Eric Cartman sings "O Holy Night":


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John said...

nice I love Cartman. South park is the bomb. Thanks for such a great singging number