7 Saturn games that deserve an HD release

Ok before I get into today's post I did manage to cast Thor last night and I'd say it's one of the better comic book movies in recent years. Aside from a couple of really terrible lines of dialogue (and I really only mean a couple, like two or 3) it was great action and a lot of fun.

Ok now in case you haven't heard one of the greatest Sega Saturn games is coming to Xbox live this fall-GUARDIAN HEROES will be hitting the Xbox (and possibly the PS3) this fall. That is completely awesome news. However there are plenty of other great games from Sega's ill-fated system that deserve a chance to be discovered by today's gamers such as....

For the time, Clockwork Knight 2 (and its predecessor) had absolutely gorgeous visuals and really tight 2D gameplay, and it was a far better game that somewhat aped the idea of Toy Story than the horrible tie-in games that looked and played like utter garbage. An HD remake (possibly with online co-op play) would be a great idea for this great but mostly forgotten platformer.

Sadly this great and unique game came near the end of the system's life. I mean how many games take firefighting and turn it into a cool futuristic sci-fi game? This was a quirky title that would benefit greatly from a graphical upgrade and slightly tighter controls plus it would offer something really different from virtually every other digital release right now.

Granted the D & D Collection is a unabashed copy of Golden Axe with the skin of a D & D game, but it's a really solid copy so that's hardly a bad thing. A solid arcade beat em up with 4 player co-op would pretty much always be a welcome addition to any online library.

Nights has seen a life beyond the Saturn but frankly it hasn't been a good one, leaving many to wonder why people were so fond of the original. The original still holds up as a fantastic title that would greatly benefit from an HD release, possibly even with Kinect/Move compatibility (and adding in the limited relase of Christmas Nights would be awesome as well).

Arguably the biggest crime committed against US Saturn owners that for some unfathomable reason, we only got one chapter of this 3 chapter release. The Shining series may have devolved into mediocre action rpgs but this last great turn-based strategy entry deserves a re-release with an HD upgrade and all chapters included.

I normally don't dig RTS titles, just normally not my thing, but Dragon Force managed to make it extremely fun and not overly complicated. I wouldn't even care about upgrading to HD, just release this amazing fantastic game (possibly combined with its Japan-only sequel) for about $10-15 and I'm completely buying it.

Really any of the Saturn Panzer Dragoon games could've been on this list but the classic swan song for the Saturn probably deserves to have an HD port more than any other. It has a great story and manages to seamlessly combine great shooter action and rpg elements, this is easily the best Saturn game ever made and really deserves to be given a chance to find a wider audience.

Ok that's the list I should have another post up on Monday. In the meantime here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Thor: Bring the Thunder

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