We may be one step closer to a Guy Gardner film...

Well, depending on who you talk to, fast track sequel may or may not be happening to this summer's biggest box office bust so far, Green Lantern. I'll reiterate what I said before-I think it was a perfectly enjoyable flick, and I really, really don't get the hate. If Michael Bay can get 3 movies to ruin Transformers over and over again, I'm pretty sure we should get at least one more shot at a great Green Lantern film. It's a solid character with a diverse and just cool universe.

Do we need another one with Ryan Reynolds though? While I'd be perfectly fine with it, there have been several human Lanterns throughout the decades, so a continuation that wasn't necessarily a total reboot (after all, we don't need another movie where they hint at Sinestro's eventual turn to villany, he could just be the next villain) would certainly be other options. As awesome as it would be, a movie with Gardner is probably not going to happen because audiences don't like following a complete asshole for a whole movie. Kyle Rayner is just about as bland as it gets(though the studios could right a terrible wrong by making one with him and casting Nathan Fillion in the role). Realistically, Jon Stewart seems like the most reasonable choice, he's one of the more popular versions, and let's face it, there's a pretty severe lack of Black superheroes on the big screen, and that would certainly be a consideration. I also think there are several actors who could play him convincingly, Will Smith being near the top of the list if they wanted to try for the biggest star they could possibly land. Whatever they decide to do with the franchise, I seriously hope this one movie isn't the end of it, and that we never, ever EEEEVVVEEEERRRR see Jack Black sporting a Lantern Ring.

Ok, that's really all for today, with a little luck I should have another post up Tuesday at the latest. In the meantime, here's your BIG BANG CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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