Same as it ever was...

Well, the big Pokemon news came out, and it's a new game for the 3DS. Granted, the first Pokemon title specifically for the 3DS is big news, but it's a very safe and expected move. When the developer, Gamefreak was asked about why it wasn't a Wii U title and really the general lack of Pokemon console games, they basically responded with saying the idea of being able to take it on the go. You know, that whole cross-play thing Sony's been pushing like mad and Nintendo has been saying they'll be doing with the next Smash Bros title? It's pretty simple guys. It's hardly an insult to call them lazy at this point, but I seriously doubt a new coat of 3D paint is going to make any difference in the series at this point either.

The other newly-announced game that I probably would've been excited about a few years ago is Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The Lego games have gotten really stale to me. I've barely touched Lego Batman 2 because it's really just to much of the same. If reviews say it provides the much needed change I'll pick it up, but in the meantime I'll just keep hoping for another Ultimate Alliance game, which I'd be far more excited about.

Finally, poor THQ is going under. Another casualty of the increasingly higher-risk AAA games console business, where there doesn't seem to be room for perfectly good middle of the road titles. You either have to sell millions with a huge investment or go small, there seems to be no in-between. The only bright side is several buyes are interested in the properties, which hopefully will include Darksiders because that is a real gem franchise and I'd hate to see it. In fact, given Nintendo's recent commitment to give underperforming titles a new life on their console, I'd love to see them pick it up and give Platinum games a whack at it, making an already awesome adventure series even more incredible.

That's really it for today, hopefully I'll get another post in this weekend. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Side Effects

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