The new Batman trailer has me really worried...

The new Batman game is out in a mere 5 months.We already know a studio whose biggest claim to fame so far was doing a fairly shoddy Wii U port of Arkham City and that it is very likely it will have multi-player, which makes virtually no sense given the style of game. Then the first trailer hits, with no hint of gameplay whatsoever. At best it looks like a pretty impressive fan film. Granted, maybe they are just waiting for E3 as it's a few weeks away, but a 4 minute movie that really shows nothing is not a great start. I'm hoping I'm proven wrong, but it's looking kind of doubtful at this point.

Tomorrow we will finally see (probably) the new hardware from Microsoft. Will it be always online? Probably not in the way we think. Will it be backwards compatible? Most likely not. We will see games? I'm kinda doubtful. Even MS had said their E3 presser will be all about the games, so at least they will hold back any big guns til then. One good thing is that they supposedly have dropped some massive cash to score some key exclusives, which basically covers my number one worry about this upcoming generation-that Microsoft would have very little to offer in terms of exclusives. It's a given that a large majority of 3rd party titles will appear on both systems, so this would be a good move for MS given their current slate of IP is pretty weak. Of course for all we know it could be similar to this generation where they just got fairly pointless exclusive content for 3rd party titles. I'm just hoping it will at least be interesting to watch and get me excited. The relatively short 60 minute run time should mean they don't spend a lot of time on boring crap no one cares about. We'll see in about 24 hours.

That's really all I got for today, but be assured I will have a post up tomorrow sometime after the event with my thoughts on it.

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