There's a new Ratchet & Clank game! Why am I not that excited about it?

A new Ratchet & Clank game? That goes back to the roots? For $30? For the PS3? Ah, it's that last one. I love the Ratchet and Clank series, it's easily my favorite Sony IP. Between the PS2 & PS3 I've played and enjoyed nearly every title (pretty much with the exception of All 4 One). But you know what, we've had two fantastic core R&C titles for the PS3 that I can easily recommend to anyone, and I feel like those have taken this series as far as it can go in the current generation. The Ratchet & Clank series would be such a prime candidate to have a launch title for the PS4. And it could've been a short (like 4-6 hour) $30 title that just really shows off the graphic capabilities, maybe even free with a PS plus subscription. That would sell me more than a slightly stripped down version of a driving sim I wasn't going to buy in the first place. This almost seems like an apology for the last couple of downright disappointing R&C game and possibly for anybody who suffered trough Fuse. I'm all for supporting the PS3 for another year or two, but not with franchises that are already well-represented, especially when they could use the infusion of freshness that a new generation would bring. I mean think about it, probably the most comparable title on the PS4 is Knack, and even by Mark Cerny's own admission, it's not a particularly lengthy title (10 hours in dev speak is more like 6 hours in real gameplay terms) and somewhat of a tech demo. I'd much more buy into that as an established franchise like R&C for a lower price than pay $60 for basically a less polished experience with a character that I'm not familiar with and at least from previews, doesn't have much personality.

That's really all I have for today, but I'll try and do a post Sunday, probably with what games I've been playing lately (I'm thinking of making that a more regular feature, especially since I've been catching up on some older titles). Until then, here's your video game music of the week: THE NEXT-GEN WARS MUSICAL!

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