Only the Brave...

Sorry for not getting in any other posts this week, It's been pretty hectic at work and I just couldn't seem to get anything else in. Should get in at least two posts next week. Anyways, the first big release of this year that's not some port of an old game is out now on the 3DS in Bravely Default. I already talked at length about my experience with the demo and I have no doubt if you are looking for the same kind of old school rpg itch that Fire Emblem scratched around this same time last year Bravely Default will fill that hole nicely. But my portable backlog is pretty packed, specifically with RPGs so I'm not picking it up right away, maybe wait for a sale, or at least til I beat a couple of the games (mainly Persona 4 Golden and Link Between Two Worlds, both of which I'm admittedly slacking on). Also while the release list for 3DS is meaty, it's mostly stuff I really have no interest in (Yoshi's New Island, Kirby Triple Deluxe, etc), so saving this until I suddenly have nothing to play on my 3DS seems like a good idea.

While it may help Sega's bottom line (clearly, or else they wouldn't keep making them), creatively, Sonic games have clearly suffered since the transition to 3D, with a large majority of games over really the last decade or so being at best mediocre and in most cases outright awful. Would a fresh Western perspective be what the series really needs?  Well let's hope. The new look is bound to upset long time Sonic fans (why are any of them left though?) with Sonic looking a little more Nathan Drake-esque, Knuckles suddenly being tall and bulky and Amy a little weirdly sexualized but at least they are trying something different this time. I think Sega doesn't have a ton of faith in this idea though as it's not even coming out in Japan and Sonic Team is still working on their own Sonic game that supposedly stays truer to the series roots that might even be out this year (though it's looking likely for 2015). As one of those idiots who gets excited and then disappointed every time a Sonic game comes out I do hope it's the shot in the arm this franchise badly needs.

Ok, odds are if you have a next-gen system you've pretty much exhausted all the games available by now (especially if you are looking for games that are new/aren't old ports). If you are desperate for SOMETHING to play and aren't tired of Lego games, the Lego Movie Videogame may be your best option this month. It's cross-gen sure, but it's new rather than a port of an already existing game and the Lego games usually deliver on being very fun experiences. That being said, my PS4 copy of Lego Marvel is still sitting collecting dust as I have much more compelling games to play on my supposedly inferior and dead last gen systems. Man it's gonna be a long wait til Infamous. And what the hell is after Infamous? I can't imagine someone who ditched their old systems to buy a next gen one is very happy at the moment, the release list is almost as bad as for the Wii U last year.

That's all for today, I should have another post up tomorrow or Tuesday about this week's releases and a gamer cinema on top of that and maybe even a third post to get back on track.

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