Lost in a Sea of RPGs

So, I haven't even finished Oblivion yet, and I just recently picked up the original Mario & Luigi for my DS since I never beat it (it was pretty damn hard, which is suprising for a Mario game). Suikoden V & Shadow Hearts: The New World are seeming more and more tempting to me. To top it off, several new rpgs released this week as well. Something had to break. So today I picked up Lost Magic for my DS and Atelier Iris 2 for my PS2. I almost also got Metal Saga, but figured I should at least wait till I finish or get bored one of the now 4 rpgs I have occupying my plate.

The main reason I went with those particular titles is they are pretty unique. Lost Magic, while having a fairly banal story, makes extensive use of the stylus, which no other current title I own does (it's like an RTS, excpet that you use the stylus to draw runes in order to cast spells). And Atelier Iris 2 places emphasis on combining items & essences for effective use in battle, which makes for some truly creative strategy. Admittedly though, I bought both on a complete whim, so hopefully it pays off, I'll let you know by the weekend.

The PS3's price finally revealed?
Lord only knows. $400 certainly seems reasonable, but what does that include? And are they going to go with two models like MS did (hopefully if they do, one won't be completely fucking pointless)? It seems likely enough, but I'll take it with a grain of salt til I hear officially from Sony.

Looking for a new MMO experience? Somebody's gone ahead and compiled a list of the best free MMOs, I'm sure at least one should fill your needs while not making your wallet any lighter.

IGN has listed their top ten comic book movie villains. Although not technically a comic book villain, I'm pretty sure Ben Affleck should get at least an honorable mention for tarnishing Daredevil forever.

Alright, that's all for today, I'll definitely be back tommorow with a look at this weekend's movies.

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