Wii are not amused.

Nintendo's officially announced their name for the Revolution, and the only explanation I can come up with is those higher-ups in Japan must be on some incredibly good acid. No matter what way you try to spin it, this is officially the stupidest idea in video gaming history. No one wants to buy a Wii. No one wants to admit owning or even thinking about a Wii. Nintendo devotees have a hard time getting respect as is, this is going to make them the mockery of the next generation. I know Japanese and American cultures are very different, but there is no way Reggie Fills-Aime is going to be able to talk about a system named Wii to an American gaming press with a straight face. I guarantee you, if Nintendo goes ahead with this, it will flop bigger than Michael Moore endorsing Jenny Craig. I'll probably still buy one assuming the controller lives up to its potential, but I will never call it by that name. EVER.

Ok, let's quickly move on to this weekend's movies before I say something I regret:

United 93
: From all reports, this is an extremely powerful movie that manages to be respectful of the people on the plane and their families. But I'm still not going to see it. I believe it is way too soon for stuff like this. This wasn't 20-60-100+ years before most of us today were even born, it was very recent history, and I find something incredibly ghoulish about that (especially since at least a few roles were played by the actual people who were involved in the event).

RV: I had a little hope that since this movie has Robin Williams & Cheryl Hines, who are usually hilarious, starring; and Barry Levinson directing, that it might be a long overdue fresh take on wacky family vacation films. Unfortunately, the answer from critics so far seems to be a resounding no. I guess I will just have to wait with high anticpation for Mrs. Doubtfire 2(note extreme saracasm).

Although Stick It is from the same people that brought us the fairly enjoyable Bring It On, this one doesn't seem nearly as interesting or filled with contagious pep. I'd also feel kind of creepy seeing a film filled with teenage high schoolers in leotards, even if most of them are actresses over 18....

And finally there's Akeelah and the Bee. Great another movie where some whacked out mentor takes a troubled but promising kid under his wing and makes them excel at something that normal kids would mock them for. It's only a matter of time before they have one about a troubled kid that learns to better themsleves through sowing....

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