Manliest Poem Ever

Granted, the words "manly" & "poem" don't usually go together, but this weekend's CGI action epic Beowulf is based on an ancient poem all about the title characters epic exploits. I'm really hoping it succeeds, as it may make a case for more mature animated fare showing up on the big screen. Animation is a genre like any other, and as long as Hollywood treats it like nothing more than children's fare, it won't have much of a chance to really grow & evolve.

That's pretty much the only movie worth discussing this weekend, but I have great news on a long-awaited movie sequel. Ghostbusters 3 is in the works! The catch is that much like Stranglehold, it's a video game sequel. The fact that the developer's list of games is none too impressive worries me a bit, but all the gang is back, so it should be a great experience if not too hastily rushed out.

I know you PS3 owners expected to have a little breathing room between Assassins' Creed and Uncharted, but we're getting this awesome modern Indiana Jones-inspired adventure tomorrow. Seems like an odd move, but maybe it's too avoid the hype machine that is Mass Effect. Regardless, this is arguably the last quality title for the PS3 until at least sometime next year, so PS3 owners would be to wise to grab it. Thank god pretty much all of this insanity will be over soon and I'll actually have time to beat a few games...


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