Microsoft is missing the point...

It seems like it would be a fantastic announcement, original Xbox games for download on Xbox live, and for the fairly reasonable price of only $15!. Surely, these will be enhanced with cleaned up graphics, leaderboards and achievements, RIGHT?!? Not so fast. MS claims it isn't possible, but then what the hell is the point? Many original Xbox games I can already find used pretty easily for $15 or less and what possible incentive would I have to get them online without any enhancements whatsoever, hell some already have reported issues. This is beyond ridiculous that MS would do this of all things in such a completely half-assed way. It speaks to the fact that aside from online multi-player, they don't really give a shit about how the rest of Xbox live works and just see it as additional revenue for the smallest amount of effort rather than using it to really expand the online experience. The sad thing is that if they took their heads out of their fucking asses for two whole seconds they'd probably realize there actually is more money to be made in fixing up the damn things and making them better than they were. But when a company can't even get games over a decade old to run smoothly on their system, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Luckily, Microsoft is doing things right on the actual console side, as we have yet another AAA console release with what may be my most anticipated game this year, Mass Effect. I can't even begin to accurately describe how excited I am for this, and anybody who has played any of Bioware's previous works will understand why. Their ability to make you really feel like you are the one actually driving the story rather than just being along for the ride like so many other titles in unparalleled and always makes for an extremely satisfying experience that you love going through time & time again. To get you even more excited, check out this new fanvid I made:

Of course. Mass Effect is far from the only huge title hitting this week. 360 & PS3 wannabe rock stars also get to try and strut their stuff in the newest music title from Harmonix (the guys who made the first two Guitar Hero titles) in Rock Band. It certainly seems to be poised to be a smash and much like the Guitar Hero games. I can see the appeal, but also like the Guitar Hero games, the high price tag and gameplay style just don't really hold much appeal for me personally. But I admittedly say this without ever having played any of these games, so maybe if I actually get around to trying one of the bazillions of demo units in stores I may change my tune.

Even though Wii owners like myself are probably still collecting stars in Mario Galaxy, we may want to take a brief second to check out Nintendo's new Wii Zapper, which hits stores this week. Not so much for the zapper, which most reports have said is a giant waste of plastic, but for the reportedly awesome game that is Link's Crossbow Training/ For $20, it's probably the best of an already very healthy light gun-esque shooter selection on the Wii along with last week's release of Umbrella Chronicles and the additional releases this week of Ghost Squad & Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

GAMERS THE TV SHOWS LIVES! Well, sort of. While there actually is a development deal on the table for this promising comedy, the Writers strike has put a halt to any further progress on the show becoming a reality for the time being. But I hope everybody continues their support and hopefully this show won't be forgotten when writers start making scripts again. In the meantime though, you can check out the pretty awesome spec pilot that's already been made:

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