EA: Masters of Irony

EA is making a Monopoly game. Yup. Let that just sink in there. I'm not even sure I need to expand on this, except to ask why they even think there's a demand for a $50 electronic version of an old board game you can pick up for less than half that (hell I've had several free electronic versions throughout the years).

I am admittedly considering going to see the new Harold & Kumar movie just for Neil Patrick Harris, anyone who watches How I Met Your Mother should an enormous fan just like me, but I'm not sure if that'll translate into box office dollars.

Is the GTA series really that original, clever and innovative? I think to a certain extent gamers have looked at this series through rose-colored glasses, remembering only the good stuff. Luckily there was more than enough great stuff, but to remind us that GTA has had it share of issues, Games Radar has posted a great article questioning how exactly we forgot about this crap.

That's pretty much it for today and possibly until late Tuesday as the gaming blitz of The World Ends With You, Mario Kart Wii & GTA IV is upon us. May Miyamoto help us all...

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Pineapple Express

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