This is not a joke, this fall, you can finally answer the question of who would win between Batman & Sub-Zero, Shang Tsung & Super Man, Goro & Robin! I have a better question? Whose lame ass fanboy fiction idea was this in the first place? I don't think either camp of fanboys is particularly enticed by this "dream" match-up, as evidenced by this complete douche on youtube (warning, you will lose a dangerous amount of brain cells if you watch the whole vid):

But the pathetic moron has a point. No one wants to see these characters fight each other, and to make it even worse, you can't even mutilate Aquaman in various creative ways, because there will be NO FATALITIES. Whose bone-headed idea was this? I mean, the MK series has sucked for years, but at least you could some enjoyment out of mutilating your opponents. That's really all the series ever had going for it, and now that's gone. I'm sort of surprised that they aren't putting any effort into a Marvel vs. DC game, I mean hell, they've teamed up in the comics many times over the years, so it's not like they are bitter rivals.

What's the greatest invention in the history of mankind? One that combines four classic consoles into one awesome mega-console! Check out the Super Genintari (yes, it really works):


That's pretty much it for today, but Wii fans should remember that finally the Virtual Console has some value again as River City Ransom, one of the greatest side-scrolling fighters ever, will be available on Monday.


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supergg2k said...

If Superman can box Muhammad Ali:


then I'll at least give MK vs DC a rental.