Would you like to supersize your DSi?

Yeah, today's the day the DSi XL is out. And I really can't see it as anything more than a DS for people who are practically blind or just have a problem handling your normal everyday portable systems. Cause frankly, most people want their portable stuff to be smaller, not bigger to the point of obnoxiousness. Seeing Gary and Alison on Nintendo Week handling it made it look extremely awkward frankly (admittedly that horrible show is a guilty pleasure, seeing as there isn't a real network for gamers anymore, even though I enjoy a good amount of programming on G4, it's become Spike lite).

I got Red Steel 2 in the mail from Gamefly, and after playing a little over an hour, my initial impressions are that it's a good example of a great action game on the Wii. Problem is that pretty much all reviews are saying it's only about 6 hours long. So a rental is all it will be as I have better things in the near future to spend $50 on (i.e. Super Mario Galaxy 2). I mean I'm pretty accepting that with the exception of rpgs, most games will net you around 10-15 hours of play time, that's well established, but anything less than 8 is really unacceptable in my book. I get that you can play through more than once for extra stuff, but for most people they really just want to get their money's worth out of one play-through, especially with so many games vying for our attention these days.

I should be back tomorrow with a look at this week's notable releases, til then:

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