Yikes, was it really way back in 2008 when I took a break? So much has happened in the year and a half since I've been gone, both personally and in the entertainment industry. My life is as crazy as it ever was if not more so, but like most people who like to write mainly just for the sake of it, I kept feeling that pull to come back, especially anytime something big and controversial broke. And ironically enough, it was getting a fiance (who is just as nerdy as I am, if not more so) that led to me coming back. Her near constant obsession with the likes of Kingdom Hearts, Fable, and more recently Splosion Man & Catan (I know that's been out forever, but we have both just really discovered it playing the actual board game at a friend's house recently) have actually given me time where I really don't have much to do but write.

So hopefully this will be a return to form in most ways, I definitely plan to update at least twice a week, more often if time allows, and my new background will be more consistently updated (probably every few months). My links are definitely going to be reworked, and features such as free game of the week, trailer of the week, etc. will most likely return along with new ones as they occur to me. So look for the first real news post a little later this week, possibly even tomorrow.

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admit it - you only started this again because I told you i read it.