The banhammer dropped on Sony?

Companies sue each other all the time for copyright infringement, it's just part of business. Usually these really lead nowhere. Some agreement is made to pay somebody or the claims are unfounded to begin with and business goes on as usual. I think this is what we pretty much all thought would happen when electronics manufacturer LG sued Sony, claiming the PS3 infringed on several patents. Again this is nothing new, pretty much all 3 companies have been sued numerous times, most of the time nothing really comes of it. But surprisingly, this lawsuit may actually have some legs and far-reaching implications, as shipments of PS3s were seized and Sony is currently not allowed to import them into Europe. But this isn't something irrelevant to us Americans as LG is pushing for a ban here too. Will it succeed? Honestly if it happened across the pond there's a decent chance it could happen here. But does that mean that PS3s will cease to exist? I really find that hard to believe, as there's just too much money at stake here. They might become a little scarce for awhile, so if you were planning to get one anytime soon, I'd do it now just to be safe.

It's good to be king right? In Fable 3, not so much. Not only are you tasked with saving your people from a horde of evil monsters, but now someone is trying to outright assassinate you in the latest DLC expansion, Traitor's Keep. I'm not heavily invested in Fable 3 so I haven't played much, but the wife is completely obsessed so its pretty much a must-buy for me.

And finally the PS one "classic" Vagrant Story is on PSN this week. A lot of people are very psyched about this but I remember it being really overly complex and dull. Most of the reviews at the time it came seem to at least somewhat agree with my assertion but still gave it high marks anyways. I'll wait for the next "classic" thank you very much.

That's about it for today, I should be back Thursday or Friday with something else, but until then here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Meaty Boner

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