I just wasn't Moved...

So my 60 gb PS3 died earlier this week after 5 pretty faithful years of service. I really had no plans anytime soon to buy a slim with a bigger hard drive, especially since I was using the 60 gb to play PS2 & PS one games. Luckily I have a perfectly good PS2 to keep playing those on (though all saved games are lost, doh!). But suddenly I was in need of a new system so I was heavily considering getting a bundle with Move. After all, this is clearly Sony's new focus, and it's certainly been advertised as motion control for the hardcore gaming crowd, supporting more serious titles such as Little Big Planet 1 & 2, Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, etc. So it should be an easy justification with all these fantastic games our now and many more down the pipeline right? Eh, not so much.

While the Move has enjoyed decent enough software support so far, none of the titles that absolutely require Move are remotely compelling, with the best of the bunch being the blatant Wii Sports/Wii Sports resort rip-off Sports Champions. The games that have Move as an option? Not really any noticeable improvement over your standard controller and in some cases worse. But surely, there's some really cool-looking stuff coming down the line, right? Ehhh.... I mean Move Heroes looks pretty promising, but that's literally about it. There might be some great software that they are holding off til E3, but that's a huge unknown. So I ended up buying a 120 gb without Move that should serve my needs for the forseeable future. Will I ever get move? Probably, but at this point Kinect has a much more promising future lineup, though it still seems like too much of a spaz fest to actually be fun.

On the bright side, I did pick up Radiant Historia and it's an extremely charming nod to the great 16-bit classics of yore. I haven't got a lot of time in yet, but the characters are pretty cool and the battle system id fairly fun and original. Anybody with a DS should track this title down (I had to go to 5 stores to find a copy) as it's arguably the sleeper rpg of the year already and a great way to fill time waiting for big epic releases (i.e. Dragon Age 2).

That's really it for today, but I should be back on Tuesday or Wednesday with thoughts on the new Fable DLC and other stuff. In the meantime, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Green Lantern Emerald Knights

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