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FINALLY. Back to The Future is on PSN today! I have been working pretty much all day, so I haven't really had a chance to try it out yet, but the reviews were stellar for the PC release, so I'm very excited to try this out and will give a full report tomorrow.

I did pick up You Don't Know Jack. It's honestly kind of hard to judge the value here. It can be played online, which is cool, but playing with someone sitting next you is much better for the game. I really have an issue with the presentation though-The questions aren't random, just split up into episodes, which means they can get old quick. And given that it's such a simple set up, the number of questions seems kind of small, I mean they should be able to put thousands of questions on there, not under a thousand. Again for $30 it's not a bad deal, but I think I would've paid a full $60 for a much better package.

The first really huge release of this year, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hit today. I'm not a huge fighting fan, but Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is a game that to this day I can still play for hours if I happen to find an arcade machine, so I figured this was worth picking up. It doesn't have the massive roster that 2 did, but the characters are a lot more refined, and the promise of DLC may eventually grow the roster to even more gargantuan size than its predecessor. Plus it had DEADPOOL, which is just incredibly awesome. I was only able to get in a quick session but it's just as fun and over the top as it's always been. And Galactus is one hell of a cheap final boss, but that's part & parcel for fighting games. This should be an easy buy for anyone who is a fan of fighting games or Marvel for that matter.

Finally, a Bioware-endorsed Dragon Age web series starring Felicia Day? YES PLEASE! I really hope they put some serious money into the effects though, as arguably the most impressive-looking web series to date is Dr. Horrible and that wasn't all that huge on special effects. If they treat it like a cheap cash-in it will show and fans will be none too pleased. I'm already none-too pleased that this isn't coming out right now to help tide over the wait until Dragon Age 2 finally comes out in March.

That's it for today but I should be back either Thursday or Friday with a Back to the Future Episode I review along with a few other things. In the meantime here is your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Arthur

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