Mario's got game...

Now normally when somebody shoehorns one of their mascots into another genre, it's a really crappy attempt to cash in. Fortunately with Mario, that's usually not the case (horrible Olympics games with Sonic not withstanding) he's starred in very well-made rpgs, sports games and puzzle games of consistently good quality, and now we have his latest foray into several sports with Mario Sports Mix. Arguably this is a great value as Nintendo probably could've made each of these a separate title and sold bucketloads, so throwing four together is a pretty good package. Obviously with more casual titles as this, you should probably wait until reviews hit, but odds are this will be one of the better multi-player Wii games out this year.

While I'm not all that fond of playing with dolls, Tim Schafer's latest project, Stacking, gets me pretty excited about it. As I've previously mentioned it's due out Tuesday (and FREE to Playstation Plus subscribers). And pretty much anything by Tim Schafer is well worth checking out for the comedy alone. It does seem like after a career of brilliant physical games that didn't sell, Schafer might finally have found his niche in the digital space as the excellent Costume Quest sold very well and Stacking looks to be yet another big hit.

Ok, though Mark Wahlberg is most likely set to star in (and consequently ruin) The upcoming Uncharted movie, he's not an absolute lock. This has lead many fans to campaign for Castle star Nathan Fillion (who himself has been campaigning for  the role). While Fillion would be a pretty awesome choice, I'd actually like to throw in a dark horse contender that would really fit the role without any possibility of the actor being bigger than the character (which Fillion just might) : Joe Flannigan.

Aside from looking a hell of a lot like Nathan Drake, Flanigan's character of John Sheppard, which he played on Stargate : Atlantis for five seasons, was essentially Drake if he was in the military. The same wit and cockiness was all there, it'd be a pretty natural transition. Just a thought I'd throw out there.

Ok that's all for today, I should be back either Wednesday or Thursday with a review of Stacking and whatever else is going on. In the meantime, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Captain America : The First Avenger:

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