There be Dragons....

The long-long awaited demo for Dragon Age 2 finally hit today. Now admittedly, if you loved the original Dragon Age, with its multiple origin and race options, this may induce some well-deserved nerd rage. You are human, male or female, and one of three archetypal classes (warrior, wizard rogue) and the combat is drastically changed, frankly being more reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII than any previous Bioware game. So anybody who was hoping for another epic along the exact same lines will probably be pissed. I do think it's a much needed change because while I enjoyed the original, the combat felt really worn out by the end, and I don't think more of the same would've drawn me in. I don't understand why you absolutely had to be human, picking from several races wouldn't be that hard to implement I would think. Regardless, I am fairly psyched and am anxiously awaiting the March 8th release date.

I also tried out the Lego Star Wars III demo, and as I feared, this is a perfect example of mining an idea once too often. I love the Lego titles, and really enjoyed the Harry Potter effort, so I'm thinking (and hoping) this is because there have already been 2 Star Wars titles, so hopefully when Lego Pirates of the Caribbean hits later this year it will feel a little bit fresher.

The official 3DS launch list is out. And man do I not care about any of these titles. It should probably be a law that a Nintendo system launches with one of their top franchises. Kid Icarus would've been a pretty obvious choice, but any of Nintendo's holy trinity (Mario, Zelda, Metroid) would've also been a fairly good idea. The $40 per game price tag also would make me consider what I would get a little more seriously. But I'm sure I will own one no later than a year from launch if I can swing it.

What was your first Zelda game? It might be time to reflect on that, seeing as how the franchise is 25 years old this week. I've played nearly every Zelda game and it's sort of amazing that (with the exception of a couple glaring mishaps) it's been a quality franchise for so long, with nearly every title being the standard-bearer for adventure titles that you just can't get on any other console. And with the very promising Skyward Sword hitting later this year, that trend of excellence shows no signs of stopping.

Today is a gigantic gaming week with two huge FPS games facing off. First up is the PS3 exclusive Killzone 3. While the series (and this latest entry especially) has earned solid enough praise, I have never really given a damn about it. The Helghast seem straight out of a bad B movie, and it just doesn't seem up there with the Halos, Gears, or Call of Duties. But admittedly I'm not the biggest fan of FPS games in the first place, especially the huge amount of darkly over serious ones.

So it would seem like something like Bulletstorm, the other big FPS out this week would be right up my alley. It's a huge slap in the face to all those deadly serious games, awarding excessive trick shots and being more like what most would imagine the new Duke Nukem might be like. But crass just for the sake of crass doesn't equal funny, and the other elements and fairly dull, so I really have no interest in it either frankly.

For those looking for something decidedly different from your standard shooter fare, you should definitely check out de Blob 2. The original, a Wii-exclusive was a criminally ignored fantastic color adventure reminiscent of titles like Jet Grind Radio. The sequel expands to all 3 home consoles, so you pretty much have no excuse not to at least give it a whirl.

And finally, looking for something more old school? The DS has you covered with Radiant Historia, a time-traveling rpg reminiscent of the old-school 16-bit rpgs of yore. This is honestly the title I am most interested, as I've been on the lookout for a new rpg with a classic style for months now, so hopefully I will be grabbing it later this week and be able to give some impressions.

Ok and that is it for today, I should be back Thursday or Friday with another post, until then here is your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK : Street Fighter LOA

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