Bioware Caves. Bad Bioware...

So in a not completely surprising move, Bioware has caved to the more pissy "fans" and is offering an "extended" ending DLC to come out at some point this Summer. This is seriously a terrible precedent, there is no other way to put it. Even if this was something they had planned and had to move ahead(which seems possible, because it would be very difficult to throw something like this together in just a few months), then the game was rushed and released unfinished. At least they aren't stupid enough to try and charge for it. I can't imagine what this extended ending will contain that will possibly satisfy the ones so pissed they demanded a change anyways, odds are it won't since Bioware claimed it's not altering the ending, just explaining it more. Regardless, I don't think this move will pacify these trolls and will just make them think that if they whine & bitch enough, they can get whatever they want changed.

Moving on, when Epic Mickey 2 was announced, I was pretty skeptical, as I said previously, it had some great ideas, but was more or less unplayable. Well consider me officially excited, as this 10-minute gameplay video seems to show a playable game with a camera that actually frakking works:

Add to that a 3DS version that's supposed to be an homage to the classic Castle of Illusion, and this may be the first game I buy for two systems.

Finally, tomorrow, the long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles is out. Frankly if you own a Wii and want finally to send a message that yes, there really is an audience on the Wii (and therefore most likely the Wii U) for a critically acclaimed core title and not just people who only play Wii Sports and Just Dance, this is one of your last chances to do so. Buy it BUY it BUY IT.

That's really all for today but I should still be able to cram in one more post this weekend. Until then, here's your BIG BANG OF THE WEEK:


Tetradic said...

Trolls? We're not "trolls." If you knew anything of story telling and game development, you would realize that the endings were absolutely horrible.

Invariability, Deus ex Machina, plot holes, deviation from the game formula, a new character that doesn't make sense, and I could go on for ages. I don't understand how anyone could be satisfied by these endings. Do your research before you brand us trolls.

Eric Chrisman said...

I'm pretty sure filing complaints with the BBB, voting EA worst company in America over companies that actually screw people out of their homes or worse, threatening to boycott all future EA and or Bioware products and personal attacks on Bioware team members over the ending to one game constitutes trolling.

Tetradic said...

Then you don't know what a protest is.

Trolling is annoying people for the sole purpose of entertainment. We are doing this because we genuinely care about the title, and the entire trilogy has been absolutely destroyed by these endings. I bet you don't talk about how the Retake movement raised over 80,000 dollars in charity right?

Eric Chrisman said...

Yeah they raised 80,000 that had to be returned because the Penny Arcade guys didn't want to be associated with this bullshit.

Eric Chrisman said...

And btw, I never said anything about being anywhere near satisfied with the ending. I've repeatedly talked about the issues with it, how any future DLC seems kind of pointless, and the popular indoctrination theory running around as well as this particular dlc would still be bullshit. As I said in the post, I can't imagine any kind of explanation for the ending would satisfy ANYBODY.