10 Nerdy Christmas Episodes...

Christmastime is upon us, and that means being overloaded with Christmas specials and episodes, many of them cheesy and terrible and pandering to to the same audiences that make crap like Two and A Half Men the most watched sitcom on TV.
But hey most non-Grinch nerds love Christmas as well, and there's a surprising amount of episodes geared much more towards our tastes for this holiday season if you just do a little research (a handy list of all TV Christmas Episodes can be found here). Here are 10 that should be enjoyable for just about every nerd:

10: Big Bang Theory: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis-Granted, BBT is a very mainstream show, and plenty of nerds hate it, but plenty of nerds love it also. This may be the high point of the series to date, with Sheldon's theory of appropriate gift breakdowns and of course him having a nervous breakdown over Penny's gift of Leonard Nimoy's autograph (and unwittingly his DNA)  is not only a huge gut0busting scene but a very appropriately nerdy one as well.

9. Roswell: A Roswell Christmas Carol-Aliens celebrating Christmas is definitely nerdy, but even moreso because these aliens love Christmas, esepecially Katherine Heigl as Isabel being the Christmas Nazi because most of us know someone who tries to force Christmas spirit onto everybody whether they want it or not.

8. Chuck: Chuck versus Santa Claus-I am not the biggest fan of Chuck admittedly, but this is one of the stronger episodes. An homage to the mother of all Christmas movies (DIE HARD) with Reginald Val Johnson as a cop? Nerd win.

7. Supernatural: A Very Supernatural Christmas-Horror and Christmas are a sort of odd sub-genre that most of the time doesn't work especially well but Supernatural manages to deftly pull it off in this mostly stand-alone episode. An especially nice touch is the overly nice slightly older couple that are actually ancient evil Pagan gods. Not that it hasn't been done before but it's always a treat when done well like it is here.

6. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians-Watching a guy and two robots stranded on a space station relentlessly mock a hilariously awful Santa Claus movie. Do I even need to expand on how wonderfully nerdy that is?

5. The Robot Chicken Christmas Special-Santa & Goku battle an evil half-snowman, a little drummer boy and a weirdly mutated Mrs. Claus that looks like she was ripped right out of Akira. And that's just one clip.

4.  Batman The Animated Series: Christmas With the Joker-A wonderfully insane episode that perfectly shows off the Joker (and I believe it was hist first appearance so of course it was vital he have a good first episode). Plus watching a Christmas-themed Batman episode that isn't ridiculously cheery or sentimental is a good nerdy holiday time.

3. Doctor Who: Christmas Invasion-Doctor Who is pretty synonymous with Christmas these days, but this is the special that introduced the wonderful David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and he's a favorite of many and deservedly so.

2. Futurama: Xmas Story-Futuristic evil robot Santa that reigns hell on the world? Yup nothing nerdy about that.

1. Community: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas-This may be my favorite Christmas episode of anything ever, and while nothing in the overall plot (Abed finding the meaning of Christmas) isn't especially nerdy, the claymation style and compeltely random jokes (CHRISTMAS PTERODACTYL!) are completely nerdy and yet it manages to be genuinely heartwarming as well.

Ok that's the list and it should get you off to a good start but be assured there's plenty of nerdy Christmas cheer to have fun with this holiday season. Until next time, here's your BIG BANG OF THE WEEK:

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