10 Wii games that deserve a Wii U follow up...

Well the Wii U is out now and many have gotten a chance to at least see the potential of the gamepad, which offers a lot of new gaming possibilities. Obviously one way to really show this off would be to make sequels to Wii titles that could show off ways to improve them with gamepad and Wii U functionality. Here are 10 I think would make prime examples:

#10 Xenoblade Chronicles: Admittedly, I'd love to see a follow up to Xenoblade Chronicles period. I easily sunk about a hundred hours into it and it's one of the best rpgs of this generation. Howoever it wasn;t without it's flaws namely a fairly horrid quest management system. It's been repeatedly shown that the Wii U may be the most ideal console for rpgs to date, and quest & inventory management along with auto-mapping would be a snap on the pad along with having techniques and attacks right there on the pad to queue up since it does work a lot like an MMO. Also admittedly the game was beautiful in some aspects but downright ugly in others. Seeing that world in full HD would be a treat.

#9. The Last Story: This would be that other great rpg of this generation on the Wii. Aside from it's rather short length, it was a fairly impeccable product. Combat could get a bit messy and confusing, with a gamepad it would be much easier to manage your party and dole out commands. And much like Xenoblade Chronicles, while it was gorgeous, it clearly was taxing the system and suffered from massive slowdown at times. The significantly more powerful Wii U could do it justice.

#8: Boom Blox: Moreso because this is an extremely underrated party series that a lot of people didn't play, but I really think the possibilities of 5-player mayhem alone would add a lot of value to this, plus it could probably use the gamepad itself in some inventive ways.

#7: Red Steel: The first Red Steel was an unmitigated disaster to the point where it's become synonymous with a title that was supposed to show of the potential of a system and failed utterly. But Red Steel 2 managed to gloriously deliver on most of the promise the original failed to live up to, with great combined sword and gun action. It didn't sell nearly as well as it should have, probably mainly due to the bad memories of the first. Whether it used the gamepad much or just was another great example of motion plus, I think it deserves at least one more shot at being a great AAA franchise.

#6: No More Heroes: No More Heroes was easily the best third-party series on the Wii. Suda 51 has expressed a lot of interest in making a third entry on the Wii U, saying he's really excited about the gameplay possibilities the gamepad provides. Do I need to say much more? SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

#5: A Boy and His Blob: The cult NES title received a revival on the Wii with charming graphics and clever puzzles. The combination of platforming and puzzle-solving could really benefit from the touchpad and the dual screen capabilities of the Wii U and could also have some interesting co-op possibilities as well.

#4: Little King's Story: Granted, we've already got both Pikmin 3 and Worderful 101 on the horizon, which will offer similar gameplay, but they might lack the pure charm and certainly the kingdom-building aspects of Little King's Story that make it such a great title. The Gamepad would obviously  make managing your little army of followers a snap and like many titles on this list it was criminally ignored so I'd love to see it given another chance at being discovered.

#3: Zack & Wiki: One of the most brilliant and fun puzzle games of this generation, Zak & Wiki also featured many creative uses of the Wii remote integrated into it's puzzle solving. I'm sure a well-deserved sequel on the Wii U would make very creative use of the Gamepad with really clever puzzles, so let's hope that happens.

#2: Lost Winds: One of the earliest WiiWare titles remains one of the best, being an incredible platformer that made fantastic use of the Wii remote. Hell a good idea for a pretty basic follow-up is already there in Nintendoland with the minigame Ballon Trip Breeze, but that's just the most basic idea off the top of my head, I'm sure there a lot of exciting possiblities for this series with the Wii U and the gamepad and I'd love to see them.

#1. Trauma Team: This is pretty obvious. You can use the stylus like a scalpel. You can use the gamepad like a medical scanner. Hell you might even be able to implement co-op play. This is a series that has fir Nintendo systems in general very well. It was one of the best Wii titles and could easily be a great Wii U title so hepfully we'll see this really obvious and awesome idea on the Wii U before long.

Ok that's the list. Until next time, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:  Admission

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