Devil Still Care?

Granted, Dante pretty kicked the over-the-top action genre into high gear with the original Devil May Cry way back in 2001. But since then, there have been many, many others who have stepped up to the plate. Most notably Bayonetta & Garcia Hotspur but Kratos & even Travis Touchdown could be considered on that company as well. So yes, a reboot was most likely needed in order to really get the franchise some notice. But the newly redesigned Dante isn't really winning people over, looking like a boy band reject desperately trying to go goth. But gameplay is ultimately key here, and Ninja Theory recently released a demo for 360 and PS3 owners to try out. No Wii U version as of yet, but based on the demo, they aren't missing much. The loud ridiculous death metal-esque soundtrack is distracting and the controls are kind of awkward and confusing. The fighting is competent but nothing special. Maybe this shouldn't be a surprise as Ninja Theory's games always seem decent but really lacking polish or something to make them stand out. Granted this isn't a hugely crowded field, but I can't imagine anyone passing up the next God of War or Bayonetta 2 (if they own a Wii U anyways) for this and in the meantime games like Darksiders 2 fill the void nicely.

Details of Bungie's first post-Halo project have surfaced.  While it doesn't sound like Halo but not Halo, it is still about the last remnants of humanity fighting an alien invasion. You'd think after claming they didn't want to do Halo anymore their next game have little to do with futuristic space wars with aliens. But I guess as long its a different futuristic space war with different aliens, that's ok.

Hey who wants an ugly-ass mini version of the Wii that not only lacks Gamecube support but internet features as well? Apparently Canada because for now that's the only place you can get the completely neutered Wii mini. I can see trying squeeze one last bit of cash out of the Wii but  can't imagine who this appeals to except maybe that crowd that just waits for consoles to hit under $100 before picking them up. Granted if for some reason you were just now buying a Wii, there's a ton of quality software to choose from and no long waits in-between, but of course there's virtually nothing else coming out for the system.

That's it for today, but I should have another post up Thursday or Friday. Until then, here's your trailer of the week: Warm Bodies

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