Gamer Cinema: Code Monkeys, The Complete Series

Back when G4 was still at least somewhat of an actual network for gamers, they dumped out Code Monkeys. I guess the idea was an workplace comedy taking place in the early days of gaming about a gaming company animated in sprite form would have a certain appeal. And honestly the premise does. The show's first few episodes aren't terrible, and there are some clever nods to gaming (and some not so clever nods, like a 10 year old David Jaffe showing up for an interview and pitching his idea for God of War, which would've worked fine if there wasn't another character screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S DAVID JAFFE!" several times). But then it quickly devolves into absurdly stupid nudity and fart jokes and nonsensical shit that makes family guy look like the most coherent show on television. I'm not saying random humor can't work but resulting to nudity and puking or farting every time you clearly don't have a punch line is more like the worst version of mad libs ever.  I suffered through the full two seasons over a long period. I started watching this about two months ago, figuring it'd be good material for Gamer Cinema when I was done, after the first few, I couldn't take more than a couple at a time, so it took way longer to get through it than I initially thought it would. It doesn't even do that good a job of cashing in on nostalgia because again rather than make clever jokes and insights about the gaming industry, it just goes into random plots that have little to nothing to do with gaming and feel more in place in some sub par version of Family Guy, which I'm not even that much of a fan of. Just another example of how low G4 went before they bottomed out. This is one of the worst sitcoms I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot.

That's all for today, I should certainly get another post up this weekend.

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