Gamer Cinema: I am Street Fighter

Street Fighter has been around for over 25 years now. It kickstarted an entire genre and pioneered the fighting community and tournaments such as EVO that are around today. Last year with the release of the Street Fighter 25th anniversary collectors set was included I am Street Fighter, a documentary talking about the history, the fans and the fighting game community that exists around Street Fighter and its ilk. They just recently released it on youtube so if you aren't a hardcore SF fan you don't have to have that expensive collection in order to watch it.

I am Street Fighter covers plenty of ground in it's relatively short running time of just over 70 minutes, showing some history, some super fans, developer interviews and some pro gamers interviews as well. The result being that it's not really in-depth on any of it. It briefly talks about Street Fighter, II and IV but barely discusses the numerous releases in-between or the spin-offs. It mentions arcades and briefly talks about how they barely exist anymore but doesn't talk about what arcades meant to Street Fighter in the beginning and what their decline means now.

However what is there is pretty good. It is pretty interesting to see the super fan who owns nearly anything with any connection to Street Fighter, the process of sound effects selection from one of the staff and how the game influenced the creator of Virtua Fighter. I found the interviews with the pro gamers to be a little uninteresting but then again I'm not really into the fighting game scene.

Make no bones about, this is pretty much a fluff piece made by Capcom to celebrate just how awesome Street Fighter is, and it would be nice if more of the actual history of the series, but I think anyone with at least a passing interest in fighting games will find it decently entertaining and possibly even fairly informative depending on your familiarity with the genre.

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