Gamer Cinema: Life 2.0

I admittedly know next to nothing about Second Life, which admittedly may not even qualify as a video game, and more of a social virtual site thing. It's not nearly as big as games like World of Warcraft but it's got a very dedicated following that clearly sustains it very well. But hey what better way to get a good look at it than a documentary delving into the lives of several players? That's exactly what Life 2.0 is, but it might seem very slanted towards the more out there players (or are these the average Second Life player, I don't know?).

Like a pair of married people who met through the game and are having an affair both in the game and in real life. The woman who actually makes a living off the game, seemingly at the expense of doing anything else however. And the man who feels the need to play as an 11 year old girl, and apparently playing as a child is frowned upon (most likely because it seems like the number one thing to do in Second Life is having virtual sex). Is this is representative of Second Life? Maybe? It's hard to tell from the small sampling, which seems to relish in focusing on these people who have bad personal and psychological issues but avoid them by playing the game. Also maybe this is just the source material, but it's fairly boring, though I've seen other documentaries on people addicted to online gaming that were at least interesting if completely full of it. Maybe it was hard to find more players willing to be on camera about it, but I really would've liked to see a wider variety, or at least one or two (there's got to be a couple) average people who play the game just as a sight balance. If you are looking for an introduction to the game or play it and want some additional insight, I can't imagine this not particularly in-depth piece that focuses on arguably the more fringe players would satiate either need.

That's it for know, but I'm already tooling around with another idea for a post so that should be up tomorrow.

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