I wasn't planning to honestly do an update today, with not a whole lot of major news and really nothing worth mentioning out this weekend, but hey, breaking news: the writer's strike is finally done! So what does this mean for this TV season? Some shows can still be salvaged, such as the Office, but several disappointing points, such as no 24 until fall or possibly January of next year, and Scrubs will get 4 more episodes, but that's a couple short of the 18 planned for the final season and those might be just released on DVD. So, some not so great consequences, but I certainly don't blame the writers, they've been screwed by the studios for years now. Hopefully both sides will have enough foresight in the future that next time big contracts are up for negotiation, they can avoid most of these pitfalls.

I picked up Devil May Cry 4, but I haven't popped it open and am most likely going to return it. The reviews have been pretty solid, but they all mention the very repetitive nature of the game and honestly I couldn't stand the faux crap metal that was in the demo, I really don't relish the idea of listening to more of that in the 20 missions. But I'll think it over for a few days.

That's mostly it for today, but remember awhile ago, it was announced that Steven Spielberg was making a game for the Wii. Now this is hardly the first time a big Hollywood personality has gotten involved in gaming, and usually the results are less than spectacular (and half the time, the person acts like they just forgot to take their ADD medication and move on to something else without finishing the project). But Spielberg seems serious about making a fun and simple title that doesn't seem nearly as ambitious as most of his other projects, but still seems like a fun time (and the physics engine is supposedly insane), check out the trailer for Bloom Blox:

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