Bah, is it Monday already? I had an extremely busy & exhausting last several days (and there honestly wasn't any new movies worth discussing and not a whole lot of breaking news). But I've decided one thing I've definitely been slacking on is talking about upcoming movie news. I'll post trailers and such, but rarely talk about things like casting or even announcements of movies. I'll start trying to do that more, starting today with the awesome announcement that they are making a big screen adaptation of The Greatest American Hero! I really loved the whole concept of this show, basically the idea of a guy who never really quite gets the hang of his powers. The director has a strong background for great comedy already, and since he has said he was holding an open casting call, may I suggest Nicholas Brendon? He's a little towards the older end of what you guys are looking for, but I think he's beyond perfect for this type of role, and it could clearly be a breakout thing for him.

Other big movie news is the Guillermo Del Toro is directing the new Hobbit film. Obviously given that Peter Jackson did such a tremendous job with the LOTR trilogy, he would be the best option, but Del Toro has shown he can do epic fantasy with the best of them, so I'll be very excited to see what he does with this project.

One movie I did finally get to see was Cloverfield, and I really enjoyed it. Not much else to say on that, but the effects were used very well, and I thought the handheld camera gimmick worked well in this movie unlike so many others. I've already heard sequel talk, but I feel that will taint the original.

Finally, I did finish No More Heroes, and it was one hell of an experience. I highly reccomend this to anyone looking for a truly great action experience with a awesome story to go along with it. It does come in a little bit short on play time (just under 14 hours), but oh it is a very, very sweet 14 hours.


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