The King of Kings

When people talk about great comedies of the last year, you hear names like Knocked Up, Superbad & Juno. But King of Kong beats them all. It's more touching, more absurd,and features way more characters that can't possibly be real, but they are all too real. It's easily the best documentary in years, and yet was completely ignored by the idiots at the academy, so make sure you pick it up at your local retailer tomorrow and show them just how out of goddamn touch they are.

Just one other thing I really wanna touch on today-What the hell is up with Nintendo and the Virtual Console so far this year? We aren't even getting our regular 3 releases a week (which is something Nintendo swore they would staunchly deliver continuously), and this week, we only had one release (albeit a good one). Granted, unlike 360 & PS3 owners that are basically just biding their time till GTA hits, Wii ownners have actually had a couple worthwhile console titles this month, bit that's no excuse for the ridiculously paltry VC release we've seen over the last few weeks. I mean, c'mon, you're not Microsoft, this isn't the failed experiment that is Xbox Live Arcade, which is a horrible mishmash of bad emulation & casual titles no one gives a shit about. I understand not unleashing all the great games of yore in short order, because then nobody will be buying anything not long after and a lot may get lost in the shuffle, but I think one or two memorable classics a month is far from a hard task with the massive library Nintendo has at their disposal. This was supposed to be one of those things to show that Nintendo wasn't abandoning the hardcore base (because let's face it, mostly hardcore gamers are the ones paying to download these ancient games). If they continue to treat it like this, they'll lose out on a giant opportunity.

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Midnight Meat Train

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