The Top Ten movies that should be on HD NOW

Well, I almost made it. Was too busy Friday, just didn't feel like doing it yesterday, and then suddenly had an impromptu IHOP run with a bunch of people from work right after I got off today. But anyways, we all know HD is freaking awesome, allowing us to see brilliant picture and hear great sound never thought possible at home. And while there are some great titles available on both HDDVD & Blu-ray, there are plenty that should be available that aren't for some unknown reason. I decided to skip over the painfully obvious stuff like Star Wars (most of the original movies are probably too old and the new ones suck) & Pixar films (because they all should be on Blu-ray in the near future). This is definitely some personal choice mixed in with stuff that would be a technical marvel in HD, but it all deserves to be in the best format possible. So here we go:


A great fantasy movie, with lots of vibrant scenery and special effects would look fantastic in a proper transfer. Hell, it still looks pretty goddamn impressive 20 years later, thanks to use of mostly practical effects and awesome puppetry from the legendary Jim Henson. I'd honestly rather see this on HD before any of the LOTR movies.


It was never Star Wars, but The Last Starfighter is practically a forgotten sci-fi classic at this point, and a high-profile HD release would make people remember this great little film. The effects might look dated no matter how clean the transfer, but it'll be good for some nostalgia, and it's just a very, very fun movie.


Disney is coming to Blu-ray, so there's not much reason to worry about any of those films, but this criminally ignored animation classic deserves a HD upgrade more than 99% of Disney's animated library. It tells a better story, sports fantastic animation that'll only look more awe-inspiring on HD, and is simply one of the great animated films of all time. It's definitely worth picking up on DVD if you haven't seen it yet, but here's hoping someone is smart enough to give it the upgrade it truly deserves.


Possibly more of a personal choice, but I think seeing the most recent movie version of Sherwood in HD would be an absolute delight. Robin Hood is a movie full of color and lush scenery which would only benefit from such an upgrade. Plus it's probably the only movie I can stand with Kevin Costner in it...


Really, this is a complete mystery to me. Easily the greatest space comedy since Spaceballs, the movie still looks great and is prime material for an HD upgrade. I really don;t have much more to say except to wonder what the hell could possibly be holding this up?


The best Star Trek movie certainly deserves the HD treatment. If seeing the Enterprise, the Borg and lots of phaser fire in High Definition doesn't get you all hard, then your internet privileges should probably be revoked.


Ridley Scott's Roman epic seems built for HD. The vibrant stadiums, the huge crowds, and especially the tiger scene all just scream that they should be seen in the highest definition and best sound available. And it's sure as hell better than any of the current historical epics available in either format.


David Fincher's psychotic mind trip of a masterpiece is ranked so highly not just because it's such a brilliant film, but also the excellent visual style, cinematography, and just way out there look & feel of the entire movie. An HD treatment would make this cult classic fully realized.


Sort of a cheat, but the greatest crime saga of all time sure as hell should be one of the top priorities to put on HD in some form. I would certainly prefer to see Part II over the original as I feel it's superior film, but the original is a fantastic movie as well. Both films feature fantastic cinematography that stand the test of time and would only look even better with a nice 1080p transfer applied.


DINOSAURS! IN HD! WHY THE HELL IS THIS NOT ON HD?!?!?!?!? Seriously, Spielberg's classic still looks amazing 15 years later. To my knowledge, Spielburg has personal approval over any of his movies going to either HD or Blu-ray, so maybe he's just waiting for a clear victor, but to be honest this is probably one of they key titles that could turn the format war. I really don;t care. I just fucking want it more than any other title, because a T-Rex on my new Samsung in 1080p would be the coolest thing on Earth ever.

That's all for now. I'll definitely be back tonight or Tuesday for... something.

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