Warner Bros. FTW?

Although mostly meaningless blows like an aging mortar & concrete business choosing one side or temporary exclusivity are what have mostly been traded in this dumb format war between HDDVD & Blu-ray, a huge and possibly finishing blow may have come today. Warner Bros., which was supporting both formats, has officially pledged themselves fully to Blu-ray. As the biggest DVD seller in Hollywood, that pulls some major clout and will probably be the eventual nail in the coffin for HDDVD, who now only has Universal, Paramount & The Weinstein company backing it exclusively. Which is great news for me, since I just picked up enough blu-ray dvds over the last two days to start a nice small HD library, and hope to be picking up many more in the future.

So, able to get on Xbox live lately? If the answer is no, you are hardly alone. Apparently MS was nowhere near ready to handle the surge of new gamers on live over the holidays, as it has caused loads of issues. The good news is that MS is going to compensate all of us, the bad news is, it's going to be with some worthless Live Arcade title. Really? I think a free month of live would be appropriate, assuming they even get the issues fixed within a month's time. This is like where Kramer jumped at free coffee after he got burned, even though he could've easily gotten so much more, but we aren't even getting the opportunity for something more. MS may have the games, but they are killing any goodwill that gets them with all their technical issues. If this crap continues, you may see a lot of 360s being returned.traded in for PS3s before long.


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