Is there a hardcore audience on the Wii?

Well here's your chance to speak up. An original, mature, bloody action game with minimal waggle hits this week. It's called No More Heroes and it's not about saving the princess, or defeating aliens for the 5 billionth time. You just wanna be number one, and there are 10 other guys standing in your way, so kill them. There's obviously more to the game, but this is exactly the kind of title all the hardcore gamers whine about not existing on the Wii. If you want more original, awesome games like this and less titles that carry names like Carnival Games, you need to buy this, and any games like it in the future. I'm not saying buy something just because it's daring and original, games like that can still be all that and horrible, and shouldn't be supported. But it also should not have to have the Nintendo (or some almost equally big name like Resident Evil) name behind it in order for you to buy it. I mean hell, all these established franchises had to start somewhere too, if nobody gave them a chence, all we'd ever be playing is Madden and licensed crap.

I'm going to end this updtae with a couple a vids. The first one is a follow-up to the Mario Meets Halo vid I previously posted. This is an actual fan-made game that is being developed, and it looks pretty sweet so far. So check out this new vid and click it for more info and a link to a fairly cool downloadable demo!

Finally, there aren't a whole lot of upcoming PSP games that I'm too excited for, but Final Fantasy: Crisis Core is one I'm definitely keeping an eye on, and I got what I thought was a pretty good idea for this upcoming prequel, so check out this vid (AND THEN GO BUY NO MORE HEROES THIS WEEK):

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