They'd better be adding in Megaman. And Bomberman. And Simon Belmont. And...

Smash. Bros. is delayed. Granted, one more month isn't a terribly long wait, but given that this game was originally supposed to hit us early last year to begin with, it better be the finest example of crazy 4-player mayhem to date. I was definitely considering picking up the previous Gamecube edition in order to sharpen up my skills, and this delay may give me just the motivation to do that (or maybe I should actually use the time to try and put a serious dent into my giant backlog of games from the holiday season).

Ah, the stench of total failure. After telling everyone and their mother how horrible it was working for Nintendo and their inferior console, Factor 5, makers of the gigantic pile of crap that is Lair, are suddenly making a Wii game. But they already failed at motion control once, and I'm not really up for yet another trip in an X-Wing, so unless these guys really pull out something worthwhile, I'd be just as happy to never hear from them again.

What's this? A Highlander game? Granted, no Sean Connery or even Christopher Lambert (and really, like Lambert would have anything better to do these days) is a bummer, but the fact that this is an original story based on the property and not tied down to any lame movies or series means it has more promise than most games of its ilk.

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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